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With the world we live in today I am surprised that every car does not come with a stock alarm for the car. People today will do anything they can to break into your car they will just break your windows that is why you need an alarm on your car. With most insurance companies today they will not even insure you unless you have a proper alarm on your car. That is because people are probably doing so much fraud to get free money from the insurance company or the rates of peoples cars getting broke into being getting so high that the insurance company just wants you to have the proper equipment so that you wont have to call them complaining.

With so many people and so many cars in the US studies have shown that every 20 seconds a car is being stolen and someone does not even have a clue that it is happening. If you do not want to end up like a person that is trying to get their car back then you need to put a good alarm system on your car so that nobody will break in or steal your car from you. When you get a good system for your car you get a little remote so that you can lock or unlock your car from a distance or if you see someone breaking in to your car or trying to break in you can hit your little panic button that is on your remote as well. You will love your alarm system after you have had it for awhile and notice its good use.

With all the new cars coming out today you would think that someone would come up with something new for an alarm system on a car something that would change them forever. This something would be digital fingerprint technology. These types of alarm systems you have seen before in movies like James bond or national treasure. The example would be you having a pad on your car that is where you put your finger. You put your finger there on the pad and it scans and reads your finger to make sure that it is you that is trying to open the door and if it is you it allows you to enter the car. These cars still require a key but you have the option to not use them. That is how advanced we are becoming to be, many cars have this kind of system, Mercedes, BMW, Lincoln are the leaders.

There are many other cars that have this kind of new technology and it is up to you if you are going to buy one of these cars or get a good alarm system installed on your new car. You need to make up your mind and get your choice. So before your car is in trouble you need to get to your local mall or car shop and buy an alarm and have it installed so you and your car are now safe. The last thing that you would want is to come to your car and see someone had broken in.

Source by Gregg Hall

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