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During Summer and Spring, big fish are on the spawning beds and this is the best time to go fresh water fishing. It's easier for you to find them and catch them one by one. Just make sure not to catch all of them during this period since you're only practicing catch and release or else you'll end up not getting any fish to catch in the future.

Finding freshwater fishing guides can be challenging and just keep in mind that you also have to consider the right baits and get a guide that will put you on a bedding fish.

It is really fun way to catch fish just by sight fishing in the freshwater.

The most important thing this time is how to choose and use the proper baits. If you're going to purchase a guide, make sure that they supply the bait if you do not want to use your favorite artificial lure that usually done by most fresh waterfishing enthusiasts. Wild shiners is the best bait that can catch big fish and it is already proven by many, this bait is probably the bait that they will go to give you when you purchase a guide.

By State, there are rules and regulations you must have to hide and check out when going for a local fresh water fishing that is if you're planning on keeping your catch. If the spawning are getting slower or going down States typically issue orders to limit months where you can keep the fish to ensure that the fish has a successful season of breeding.

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