Help Me! I’m Afraid of Public Speaking

It has been more than a decade since we started to do training. Looking back it has been an incredible journey for the both of us. My uncle always introduces me to people as an engineer in the wrong profession!

Anyways today we want to share about public speaking. Did you know that almost 80% of the world’s population in the world have a fear of public speaking? One of the most well-known statistics in the US states that more people are afraid of public speaking than death! Go figure.

Today if people look at us conducting a training, seminar, conference or workshop people will have the impression that we are natural public speakers. To tell you the truth we were far from natural.

We were never the speaking type. In fact one of the reasons why Elin my wife chose me was because I did not talk much but, look at me today. We were not debaters at school nor were we speakers during our university days. It’s a skill that we acquired and learned along the way.

There’s a saying, “Every Master Was Once a Disaster!” I was definitely a disaster. I remember the first time when I started work one of my first assignment was to be the Master of Ceremonies (MC) for an official function at our office for our customers. I still remember on that particular day, instead of being the MC, I instead went on a different MC – Medical Certificate!

In fact I still remember the first official presentation that I had to do in Bangi. It was very nerve wracking as I could not even go to work on that day. We took the day off so that we could go to the venue. It is very important to do this. I tried to do a mental rehearsal of the presentation. To me it should be easy as I have done it before one on one and I have seen people doing it so many times. Boy was I wrong!

That night, I froze! I was so hard and I could not move. It was like my whole body was in a shock that the rostrum was more alive! Can you imagine that my coach stopped the presentation in the middle and asked me what’s wrong! I told him that I was nervous and I was scared!

Well, that was many, many, many years ago. The truth is that if we can do, so can you. Understand the fact that success is something that you can learn and public speaking is also a skill that you can learn and become a master. The important thing here is that you must have the right attitude!

Here are 20 tips that could help you to improve on your public speaking skills:

#1 Watch the Experts

The best way to start learning good speaking methods is by watching good speakers. Ten years ago, this would have been more difficult, but today you can quickly find good example speeches online.

#2 Know Your Material

Before you give you speech, do enough research to have a strong grasp of the subject matter. You do not want to forget an important fact.

#3 Take Notes

Although you do not want to read your entire speech off a script, writing down a brief outline will help you stay focused.

#4 Rehearse In Private

One of the most important keys to giving a strong speech is the practice. Rehearse your speech enough that you can (almost) say it in your sleep. Do it in front of a mirror!

#5 Rehearse To a Small Audience

After practicing by yourself, give your speech to a small audience. After you finish, ask for feedback on your performance. You can then use this advice to perfect your presentation even more.

#6 Know Your Audience

Your speech should be carefully targeted to your audience. If you have to use terms that are unfamiliar to them, you will need to give the definitions.

#7 Know Your Surroundings

Before you give you speech, visit the place you will be speaking. If possible, you might even try to have a practice run on location.

#8 Dress Properly

Depending on your audience, you may need to dress formally or casually. In addition, dress in layers to prepare for a wide range of temperatures.

#9 Relax

Almost everyone feels nervous when speaking. Calm you nerves by pausing before starting you speech and by channelling your nervous energy into enthusiasm.

#10 Start With an Intriguing Question or Fact

Most audiences subconsciously give the speaker 20 seconds to capture their attention. Engage your audience quickly with an engaging question or startling fact.

#11 Realize That Your Audience Is On Your Side

Very rarely do audiences want the speaker to fail. Most of the time, the audience will want you to succeed. After all, who wants to sit through a boring presentation?

#12 Use Gestures

Do not be afraid to use hand motions. As long as you use them naturally, gestures will add to your speech.

#13 Use Visual Aids

In addition to gestures, visual aids, ranging from high-tech Power Point presentations to simple chalkboard diagrams, can help keep visual learners interested.

#14 Do Not Over-Use Visuals

Although visuals are very useful, too much of a good thing can be bad. Use visuals sparingly and tastefully. (Yes, your spectacular slide show transitions will distract and annoy the audience.)

#15 Speak With Conviction & Confidence

If you want your audience to believe you, you have to first believe yourself. If you do not believe your speech yourself, do not give that presentation in the first place!

#16 Do Not Speak To Your Notes

First-time speakers are often tempted to talk to their notes. Instead, set yourself apart by speaking to… surprise… your audience!

#17 Pauses In Your Speech

Do not be afraid to add silence to your speech. In fact, this quietness will help keep your audience awake and focused on your topic.

#18 Add Humour and tell Stories to Engage & Relate with Your Audience

Although too many jokes can ruin your persuasiveness, the occasional humorous anecdote will add levity to your speech and engage your audience.

#19 Don’t Apologize For Nervousness

Some speakers feel a need to apologize to their audience for sounding nervous. Don’t do this! Not only does this mistake detract from your persuasiveness, but it will not be useful information for your audience.

#20 Prepare a Good Ending

Rather than mumbling, “Well, I guess that’s it… ” as you slowly back off the platform, plan a strong ending. One ideal ending is a call to action. For instance, in speech about blogging, I might end, “Now, go start your blog today!”

Source by Amirul Mannan

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Why You Need To Check Your Mini-Bar

Having a minibar is convenient for your guests and it provides an additional income for your business. Nevertheless, a minibar does take a little work! First and foremost, you need to select products that are selling well, products that your guests like to grab and enjoy as a small snack (ask me for my minibar list). There are many well-known products that guests recognize and know how they taste. These are products that you definitely need to have in your minibar. As such, your first step is to choose the right products for your minibar and purchase them. Quantity plays a major role as well. Sometimes there are days when most of your minibars in your rooms will stay untouched and so the demand is pretty low. That is not an issue except if the products do not have a long valid expiry date.

The valid expiry date is one factor you really need to take care of. After you’ve purchased the products and you have them in your accommodation business, you should use an Excel sheet to record all the valid expiry dates of all products. It seems to be a lot of work, and to be honest, it is. However, if you do not have a valid expiry date Excel sheet you will most likely experience complaints from your guests. There will be guests that urge you to check the expiration dates of your minibar products. Some guests will even consume the product and later on refuse to pay for it due to the fact that the product was expired. This does not sound fair, but that is the way it goes.

In fact, you need to stay ahead of the game. You need to be aware of when each of your products expires so that you can easily exchange them. By keeping track of the expiration dates you know exactly when you need to purchase new products or when you can provide 50% discounts on selected products.

Have in mind that an expired product can have really bad outcomes for you. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that guests include this detail in their online feedback on an OTA. Guests almost always write more about details they did not like too much instead of the services they enjoyed. If a potential new guest reads comments with details about expired products, it will not make a good impression. Potential new guests will connect that information to all of your services. Even though your accommodation looks awesome, the information about the expired products will remain in the back of their minds.

Implementing a minibar is a great service if you follow through and be responsible in regard to the different expiration dates your products have.

Hint: If you cannot get rid of your products that expire in two days, then do not hesitate to give them away to your staff, to your guests that check out or to kids in a nearby school. Any of those is much better than simply throwing the expired products away.

Source by Raj Pal S Kharabanda

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Insect Repellent Wipes Vs Insect Repellent Sprays

With the official start of summer just kicking off this last weekend, comes the often discussed debate of insect repellent sprays versus insect repellent wipes.

With the now, constant threats of West Nile Virus and Lyme disease on the rise, many individuals are staking their positions.

In addition to these primary concerns is the simple fact that bugs carry bacteria and with insect bites come bug-borne illness.

Albeit, the average illness, if you will, may only culminate into an uncomfortable rash or skin irritation. So, the idea of misting your children in a daily chemical fog may prove equally uncomfortable.

I for one, perk up like Pavlov dog when I hear the sliding screen door open any time after 5PM. This is followed by a “drill sergeant” type questioning of my children; “Where are you going?” “Did you put on bug spray?” No. “Come back in and assume the position!”

This is followed by two minutes of spraying any portions of exposed skin, behind the neck and under the shirts on the stomach and backs of my children.

They usually make a face and so do I. My face is one of smug satisfaction, that for a few short hours, I have outsmarted every mosquito in my immediate area.

My children on the other hand, walk outside in a temporary sticking mess, depending on the products we’ve used.

In the past, I’ve tried sprays, lotions and oils to keep my children from becoming a meal for mosquito’s and ticks.

Of late, I have recently become a fan for insect repellent wipes. The wipes are compact and can fit easily in my pocket or purse, so when we are not at home, there is not that verboten sense of urgency to get to our destination without the small added additional worry.

Still many of my friends agree that they would like to limit their children’s’ exposure to potentially toxic chemicals.

So I decided to take a look at the pros and cons of insect repellent sprays versus insect repellent wipes.

Here are the Pros of why you should Use an Insect Repellent Spray

• Sprays have more options including DEET, soy-based bite blockers, lemon oil and eucalyptus oil.

• Protection can last up to 90 minutes per use

• Can be used on children over 6 years old

• Can be unscented for persons with smell sensitivities

Here are the Cons of why you should hold Off on Insect Repellent Sprays

• Some natural oils like citronella and peppermint can be less effective

• Depending on the brand, you may have to re-apply every 30-90 minutes

• Some oils may be toxic if ingested accidentally via aerosol

• Sprays containing more than 30% of DEET can be toxic to children and pets

Here are the Pros of why you Use Insect Repellent Wipes

• Insect Repellent Wipes are individual wrapped. One packet usually covers a small child

• TSA friendly. You can carry wipes to a vacation destination instead of using questionable local products.

• Contains far less than 30% DEET per individual pack

• Does not spill or leak

• Can work up to 2 hours per application

Here are the Cons of why you should hold off on Insect Repellent Wipes

• Adults may require up to two wipes for full coverage

• Reapplication needed after swimming or any water sports

• Sold in smaller quantities, from 3pk to 48pks

• Not recommended for children under 2 months old

• Can cause skin irritation in certain people

So how will you personally weigh the risk of insects this summer? Will you base your decision on chemicals or the lack thereof?

Will you opt for the all-natural versions of insect repellents and re-apply often? Maybe you’ve decided to limit the time you spend outdoors this summer.

What about your summer vacation? Are mosquito’s the same everywhere? Will your current insect repellent work everywhere you are?

These are valid questions to ask yourself every time you scratch that spot on the back of your knee.

Sampling products early in the season to determine what works best for your family is a great option. If you find a spray that you like and works well for your family, you may want to find out if there is a travel size that meets federal TSA regulations, so that you can have it on vacation with you.

Even if there are no smaller sizes available, you can easily pack your favorite insect repellent in your suitcase and hope that your luggage makes it to your destination when you do.

Call me a “Nervous Nancy” but where my kids are concerned, I tend to double down on protection when outside of my usual routine.

So, my carry-on will contain insect repellent wipes as well as a bottle of our favorite repellent spray.

I simply like the convenience of “moms’ little bag of tricks” and being prepared for any eventuality, including the fact that even when traveling inside the U.S., many stores and chain don’t carry the same products.

Natural bug sprays and wipes aren’t the only nontoxic ways that you can fight back against mosquito bites and other bugs. But in this day and age, you have a lot of choices. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

If you found this article helpful, please share it or leave a comment.

Source by Cole L

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How To Make Your Accommodation Famous In Your City

The first steps to achieve the goal of being known worldwide is to be popular in your country; to be popular in your country you need to be famous in your own city; to become famous in your own city you could do the following:

1. If you have enough money then purchase farmland and transform it into a beautiful park. Give the park the name of your brand. Provide free entrance and advertise it through flyers and ads in your local newspapers.

Citizens will become curious about the park and check it out. They will talk with their neighbors about it and mention your brand name again and again. By offering a nice place in which to relax to your community, your brand name will gain more attraction and your brand image will increase enormously.

The enhancement of your popularity through setting up your own park is worth much more than the maintenance cost of the facility. Think about investing in a park if you have enough capital to start a small side project to gain more popularity within your community.

2. Create a “Jogging Club” named after your brand and that looks pretty exclusive. If you offer “Jogging Tours” through your Jogging Club to your local citizens, you will start binding your local citizens and they will appreciate your service. They will automatically get to know you and your business better, therefore they will recommend you to their relatives, friends and various contacts. Make exclusive offers for people who live in your neighbourhood. By offering exclusive offers to your neighbours they will feel like VIPs and want to become a part of your organization that seemingly grows bigger and bigger. Perhaps the Jogging Club is just the entrance to more exclusiveness and services that you offer in the long run. Let your neighbourhood know about your ideas and services that you want to offer in the future. Also, tell them that people who become a member of the Jogging Club will enjoy some services of the other clubs that you establish free of charge or for a 50% discount (you get the idea).

3. Take the idea of setting up a Jogging Club and use it to set up a Bike and Yoga Club as well. Always name the clubs after your brand so that the brand name becomes increasingly popular.

4. One way to gain huge attention is to purchase a stretch limousine, put your logo / name on it and drive with your guests through the city. Provide a special shuttle service to your guests that they will not forget. Most of your guests have never been in a stretch limousine and so they will remember their first time. Again, you are writing history for your guests. Accordingly, everyone on the street will look at your stretch limousine due to the fact that it’s quite simply eye-catching. There will be some jealous looks as well, but most of the audience will just be amazed by the length of the car. With a stretch limousine you will definitely gain attention and people will start talking about your brand and services. The stretch limousine service should be kept exclusive to guests that booked your suite or a superior room. By and large, keep this service in high demand and as a VIP service. On the other hand, keep your stretch limousine moving almost every day to increase your brand with regularity.

Source by Raj Pal S Kharabanda

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Increase Your Traffic by Attracting More Visitors

Many people are still questioning how to promote their website so that they can get good traffic. Moreover, interestingly, each has its own requirements for the number of unique visits, for example, some believe that 40 visitors a day is progress, others need at least 200, and the third and 1000 seem small. However, few of them think that the more attention you have got to visitors today, the more they will come to you tomorrow. In any case, below I gave some tips on how to keep visitors on your useful site.

First of all, imagine yourself in the visitor’s place. If this is difficult for you, ask your friend (friend) to visit the website and watch every movement and question. Does he like being here? Is it easy for him to find the information he needs? Will he ever return to your website without your request? Carrying out such tests and eliminating defects (in terms of visitors) you will achieve more success than uselessly occupying top positions in the search engine.

And now about how, after all, are people interested in visiting your website? Here are a few tips (they are a bit off-track, as you might expect):

1. Quality content.

Random visitors on the site, as a rule, not much. Most often you come to those who are purposefully looking for a product, service or information on an issue of interest. The content of your site should reflect the requirements of the visitor. Therefore, it’s better to write content for them than to search for the mythical optimal keyword density.

If you offer a service or a product, the description should be made clear so that in a short period of time you can assess the solidity of the firm, its competence in the matter of interest, the quality of the product, guarantees and so on. Content should keep the visitor’s attention and encourage you to contact the company.

Content is the king, as Google employees say.

And they are right. Even if you have an entertaining website or blog, nothing can attract the attention of the user (design, number of external links or presence of keywords in the title), as content, interesting or useful.

2. Competent navigation.

The visitor has come to a page of your site, usually this is the main page. Most often, when visitors are interested, they want to look through more pages, finding additional interesting (or useful) information (content). In the case where navigation on the site is very simple, they happily “leaf through” your site, already intuitively understanding (or remembering) where what sections are located.

Who knows the social network In contact with, he certainly noticed how quickly you can move from section to section, from one friend to another and so on, no longer hesitating about where to click and where to find the information you need. Remember another site, for example, many people use mail from Yandex or Google Mail. Navigation and mail management is thought out, practically, to the smallest detail. The great success of these postal workers is in the convenience of their use (usability). What prevents you from thinking through the navigation on the site in such a way that you yourself can work with it quickly and pleasantly?

Inconvenient navigation on the site repels and if it, moreover, is not supported by quality content, then do not expect that visitors will long stay on your site or recommend it to someone of their friends.

3. Usability.

In this case, I mean the totality of those parameters that allow using the resource as efficiently as possible. For example, the presence of a large number of banners on the site, pop-ups or oddballs interferes with the interaction of the user with the resource. The same goes for unreadable text, color solutions, convenience of placing blocks and so on. About usability written many articles, they can be found, for example, in Google, be sure to read.

If you provide services, then the visitor should not be distracted from what is offered on the site. You want to detain a client, not lose it?! Therefore, do everything in your power to ensure greater usability of the site, which begins with the design development and ends with the speed of loading the pages.

Remember the sites that you visit most often. Remembered? And now think about why you come back to them again and again? What can you identify from them useful and implement in your project? These three “whales” will help you guaranteed for 1-3 months to significantly increase attendance without the use of a special SEO Expert.

Source by Hannah Cuthbertson

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Let Your Guests Play A Game To Win An Upgrade

Sometimes guests get bored in a hotel room. They do not want to watch TV, read a book or relax, but are looking for something else. How about giving your guests a jigsaw that is fun to complete? In addition, the completion of the jigsaw could be worth a prize of your choice.

Let’s say one of your guests finishes a jigsaw of yours and brings it down to the reception to pick up the promised gift.

This is a wonderful situation for both parties. The guest is enormously happy and proud that they finished the jigsaw and receives an awesome gift from the hotel; you, on the other hand, can be certain that this guest is not going to forget this experience and triumph.

The gift is the icing on the cake for the guest. If you provide a delightful one it ensures that the guest will talk about this experience with family members, friends, and colleagues. It is not common at all to provide a guest of an accommodation business with the chance to win an amazing price simply by putting together a jigsaw. That is pretty unique.

In addition, who says that the jigsaw has to be easy? Nowadays you can easily produce your own jigsaw. Simply put, you can choose your own layout and the quantity of pieces. I recommend creating three levels of difficulty for your jigsaws. Each level has its own prize. Your guests can choose one level during their stay and they only have one opportunity. You can make it even harder to complete by setting a time in which the jigsaw has to be completed after picking it up at the reception.

Another strategy would be to have a 5000 – 10,000 piece jigsaw available that has to be completed within one week. The completion is worth two more days in your accommodation free of charge. By following this strategy you could convince your guests to stay longer!

You could make the whole game even more interesting and challenging by saying that a borrowed jigsaw game has to be at least half completed at checkout, otherwise, the guests have to do something silly (for example saying I love XYZ HOTEL into a camera, etc.).

Guests that complete your jigsaws are ideal for taking pictures of, which you can use for your social media marketing. People that see these pictures online will ask themselves what this is all about and you will undoubtedly create curiosity with it. Imagine that you are the first accommodation business that provides such games and prizes for regular guests in your own town. That alone is a powerful reason for guests to book your accommodation again. This strategy adds massive value to your accommodation business, and adding value is one of the best ways to rise to the top and become really successful in what you do.

Source by Raj Pal S Kharabanda

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Why Is Updating The FreePBX Distro Important?

FreePBX Distro is open-source communications software that unifies communications and consists of a Graphical User Interface (GUI). This GUI allows you to configure, manage and control Asterisk PBX software. Based on CentOS, the FreePBX Distro software maintains binary compatibility with Red Hat’s Linux.

If you are using FreePBX Distro it’s important that you keep the software updated properly. There are several ways that you can achieve this, but the most common is the automatic update. By clicking “Yes” on the Automatic Updates screen, you will toggle a schedule selection screen. This allows you to have FreePBX Distro be automatically updated, at a time of your choosing that best fits your team’s schedule. Once you’ve submitted the new schedule, you can move on to other, more pressing issues.

Another way to handle this process is to go with the manual update route. In the System Administrator screen, there will appear an “Update Now” button. You should see a warning message that alerts you to Asterisk possibly having an outage, should you choose to update the software.

While your system is updating, you will be able to view a status log window. If that isn’t something that you want to watch, you can click the “x” and go about your daily routine. After completing all of those steps, the real question is “Why is it necessary to keep FreePBX Distro updated?”

The answer lies in the fact that vulnerabilities and flaws in the software are exposed by a variety of elements. It doesn’t matter if it’s a logistical bug or a hacker, the end result is that the developers of the software are working hard every day to make sure that their product is running on all cylinders and giving you the best experience.

The developers uncover errors or inconsistencies far in advance before it ever hits their customers. By not keeping FreePBX Distro current, you are exposing your business to potential outages and performance-based anomalies in the future. It only takes a few minutes and makes perfect sense to perform them, immediately when the update notification hits your screen and to make things even easier, the developers of the software have created an add-on that allows for easy updates via the GUI, which saves time.

An example of one of these “flaws” could be that an unauthenticated remote attacker might have the capacity to run shell commands as one of many Asterisk users on any FreePBX machine. Coding errors and PHP quirks could cause certain Ajax requests to be unauthenticated. Not updating the FreePBX Distro software keeps this vulnerability open for potential problems.

Another problem that can create major headaches for your business lies in the internal time clock. If your system has time conditions enabled, it’s crucial that the clock is always accurate. If you should happen to see that your server displays the incorrect time, be sure to check the FreePBX web interface on the “System Admin” screen. The usual culprit tends to be the wrong time zone, so make sure that’s not the case. If that scenario fails to address the time stamp issues, the next logical step is to make sure the Network Time Protocol (NTP) service is running.

Little glitches can add up to downtime, server issues and long-term problems. Procrastinating on FreePBX updates is only going to hurt yourself in the long run. Erring on the side of caution, it’s best practices to make the necessary updates promptly.

Source by Joe A Cinocca

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Bear Safety – The Proper Use Of Bear Spray

Camping and hiking is an enjoyable past time for many but if you are headed into country country, than certain precautions need to be taken to protect you and your family from possible harm.

Bears for the most part will go out of their way to avoid any contact with people, and in the vastity
of reported bear encountered tragedies happened because they were suddenly surprised. In other cases the bear was defending it's cubs or guarding a recent kill.

Some tips you can use to minimizeize risk is to try and stay in a group when hiking sing, clap hands and make noise. This will alert your presence to the bear who typically will avoid you. Always be on the look out obvious signs of a bear in your general area. Some common signs of recent bear activity are over turned stones, rocks, fresh diggings, tracks and bear scat.

One of the best defensive items in the event of a bear encounter you can carry is bear spray. It has been
proven time and again that bear spray saves lives. Studies shown by the US fish and wildlife services reveal that people who have encountered an aggressive bear and used bear spray to defend themselves avoided injury in 90% of all such encounters. In comparison those who used firearms or other weapons suffered injury in 50% of all cases.

The proper use of bear pepper spray in such encounters is proven to be more effective to stop or discourage a charging bear. When carrying bead spray be sure to have it easily accessible, carried either in a holster worn on your belt or chest, or in your backpacks water bottle holder

In the event that you do encounter an aggressive bear, never run. Reach slowly and calmly for your spray avoiding sudden moves and begin to slowly back away from the bear.

If the bear becomes aggressive fire a short burst of your spray as a warning shot in it's direction. If that does not deter the bear and it begins to charge, Wait until it is about 35-40 feet away than empty the entire can of spray creating a dense cloud that bear will run into.

A bear's sense of smell is extremely sensitive and for this reason bear spray should never be used as a deterrent by spraying it on camping gear or backpacks. Used in that manner the pepper spray will actually do the opposite of what you intended and attract bears.

Having bear spray alone will not make you safe but knowing how to properly use it in the event of a dangerous situation can and will save lives.

Source by Alex Bowsman

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Social Media Cleansing Guide

To organise your social media you need to understand it. The industry is constantly growing and changing. Daniel Miller, Professor of Digital Anthropology at UCL, recently found that people use different social media with varying degrees of privacy. So, when you post on Facebook for example your desired audience may be close friends, but on Twitter you may alter your tone to best suit career contacts, or vice versa.

Miller also found that social media is generation specific. While many of us may be signed up to Facebook, the younger generations have begun to shun it, in favour of Snapchat and WhatsApp, where conversations are more temporal and private.

It is important to understand the nuances of the services you use, and whether they are useful for your purposes, or just sapping your time away. Are you getting anything out of your Twitter account, for example? If you only use it to stay up to date on the latest news, consider instead just subscribing to a news collector website, where the reporting will be far more reliable and geared to your tastes.

Bin It

Be ruthless. If you find that you are not really using a social media platform, deactivate or permanently delete your account. You’ll be better off without it. Sometimes it’s hard to do this, because you use the platform to communicate, and don’t want to lose that possibility. But there are ways around this.

If you are only keeping Facebook because you use its messenger function, just download the dedicated Facebook messenger app on your phone, which will stop you getting dragged into hours of staring at your newsfeed. Also try downloading the newsfeed eradicator widget, if you use Facebook on your computer in Google chrome.

Make a list of all your active social media accounts and write down all the ways you use them. If you find your reasons being non-essential, get rid of them. The time you will save can be invested elsewhere; why not use it to start walking other people’s dogs for money.

Declutter Your Accounts

Even if you opt to keep your social media accounts, there is still a lot of decluttering to be done. First of all look at who you follow, who your “friends” are, and which pages and accounts you are subscribed to. If they haven’t posted anything of interest to you for a while, get rid of them and if you can’t remember who that “friend” is, purge them. Narrowing down your social media only to the people and businesses that matter to you, can make the whole thing a lot easier to manage.

Make Money On Social Media

If you’re keeping your social media accounts, you may as well use them for something productive, and there are a lot of ways you can do that:

Hannah Wilson, Marketing Director of Gumtree, said: “You’ll be surprised how much money you could raise by simply selling your unwanted clutter online. Make good use of your social media accounts by sharing your Gumtree listing, you never know, an old friend or colleague may be on the lookout to snap up what you’re selling.”

Go Offline

Finally, and this point is key to decluttering your mind, life and everything else around you, remember to go offline! There is often no better cure for destressing and lowering anxiety than switching off all your devices. Make some time during your day, maybe after work or when the kids are at school, or even dedicate a whole day to staying off social media. You will feel as if you’ve suddenly entered a whole new space.

Source by Jasmine Birtles

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Waking Up From Financial Fairy Tales – Why Invest For Cash Flow?

Given rapid changes going on in today's world, many schools do not train their students well in financial literacy. As a result, most people easily get ripped off by flawed financial information and lose money. Due to the spinning of financial fairy tales today, many people play the game of capital gains and deem it as the best way to get rich. However, it is important to note that there is a more sustainable way to gain wealth and that is cashflow. Let us now find out why investing for cash flow is good.

In today's world, the real financial approach you should adhere to is cash flow because every single day, the top 10% in wealth collects money passively from the bottom 90% using it. Good education is no longer enough because schools train students to spend money for the rich. For example, buying cars.

Here, the harder the bottom 90% works and the more they earn, the more money flows out to the top 10%, making them ever richer. For example, when you work harder and earn more money, you buy more luxury items like branded watches (marketed as symbol of wealth and status) and these manufacturer will earn more money from premiums charged.

Given how powerful cashflow is to the rich, many have kept their secrets very well because they do not want others to be richer than them. However, being in today's Information Age, information gets disseminated rapidly and the same applies to this secret to wealth. As a result, with information so much more accessible than before, it is much easier for us to get rich and to create wealth, you must have cash flow.

The importance of investing in cash flow lies in sustainability, consistency and predictability. Cash flow investments are better than that for capital gains (for eg buying and selling of stocks) because they do not depend on the market. For example, regardless of what shape the market is in, rental real estate will still exist because people always need places to live in. Instead, sometimes when the economy gets worse, more people will be forced to rent houses and this can provide more cash flow to the investor.

In comparison, if the economy is in bad shape, there will be a bear in stock markets and this will make capital gain investments like stocks things you would not want to hold. Here, investing for capital gains is gambling because markets always change and if you do not change your strategy with it, you will lose. As cash flow are less dependent on market situations, they are instead evergreen investments and with less influence from the market, investors can get rich more consistently as cash flow builds up.

In conclusion, I believe investors now have a clear picture of why cash flow investments are better, given that they are especially immune to market conditions compared to other financial instruments. Now, being armed with better financial artillery, win your war and enjoy the fruits!

Source by Ong Xun Xiang

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