Why We Need to Work in an "Italian" Job

The world stands awestruck at the name of the little country shaped like a lady’s foot. It is because of the simple reason that the people of the land have set the benchmark for the world to follow in terms of almost everything we term “desirable”. The most desirable in food, wonderful architecture, classic art, music, fashion, cars, motorcycles and many more, all come from Italy. Some of the greatest people the world has ever known in these areas, also originate from this little corner of Europe. So what is it that makes this place and its people so special and why are we discussing this here?

Passion. A quality they seem to have in oodles. This omnipresent, overpowering desire to create something that deserves to be called a labour of love. Beginning from the way they cook their lasagne to the emotions experienced when we see a bright red sports car with a prancing horse logo, or a bright yellow one with raging bull logo scream by at over a hundred miles an hour, the exquisite, flowing lines of anything designed by an Italian, symbolize the very essence of design and excellence. An inherent care for the end result that ensures even the most complex modern-day engineering marvel looks “crafted”. Put together with a humbling finality that makes it seem almost impossible to improve upon until they go and do it all over again with almost disdainful aplomb.

The beauty of it is that they’ve been at it for as long as any of us can remember and even today, things have not changed. It is a quality that ought to inspire us and permeate anything we do. Something so wondrous and rare that it cannot be ignored. The capability of seeing an inanimate entity, as an object of beauty in every minuscule aspect beginning from its inception to its execution. The capability of taking up the challenge of ignoring the easy, mechanical way out and give an object its lease of life – an “identity”. That doesn’t mean describing it as a bag, or a box, or a car. It means suffusing it with the capability to evoke human emotion to a point where that inanimate object seems “alive”. Turning it into a living, breathing entity that becomes a necessary part of every day it happens to be, in the vicinity of the person who owns it, and in the envious eyes of those who wish they could have it for themselves.

So what is the point being made here? The world has nearly Seven Billion people across a hundred and ninety-three accepted countries. Millions of businesses and countless fields of work each of which, were pioneered by someone dedicated to a cause. But why is it that their dedication got diluted along the way? And how is it that a little corner of the globe with about sixty million people is setting the standards the world follows? What are they doing differently?

The answer to that again, is passion. It’s not about whether or not one thinks he is passionate. It’s about being passionate enough not to care what the world has to think and simply make something you know can only be bettered by you once you’ve completed a first iteration. It’s the single-minded dedication to being a beacon to the top echelons of the industry you have chosen for yourself. It is about being chosen by the work you do for the passion with which you do it. The affection with which you build the potential to change the way you work, to the way you craft. It is about having the heart and conviction to turn your 9-5 employment into an “Italian” job.

Source by Vittal Iyer

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How to Date Your Co Workers

It is very common to meet an opposite sex that you are interested at your workplace. You may be wondering how you can date her out; without making her think that you are too aggressive. I will share with you now what are the ways that you can use to approach this.

1. Get to know her more. Do not be too aggressive at the beginning if you do not get to her at all. Make her feel comfortable being with you around as a colleague first.

2. Make small jokes of her so as to break ice.

3. Whatever things that they tell you, try to remember them. Girls are impresses with guys who pay attention to what they are saying.

4. Make small talk; bring up normal things to talk about. For example, school, movies, or music.

5. Show interest in what they have interest for.

6. Do your research. Ask around to find out whether she has a boyfriend.

7. Ask her for her number. If she gives it to you, it is a good sign.

8. Once you get to know her more, ask her if she would like to hang out (on days off or before / after work).

9. If both of you have a good time while hanging out and she is available, try asking her to be your girlfriend.

10. If she needs more time, do not try to push her too much. Respect her decision and let her think about it. At the mean time, carry on with your life and do not make her think that your life is only revolving around her.

But if you get the chance to have her as your girlfriend, you must be prepared to face her at your workplace if you break up.

Source by Crid Lee

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What Are 1-877 Numbers?

Want to know more about 877 numbers? The biggest misconception about 1-877 numbers is that if you call the same number with 1-800, you will get the same company. However this is not the case at all. Toll free numbers with different area codes are for totally separate businesses.

What is so confusing sometimes is when various companies choose the same vanity number, but with different prefixes including 866, 877, 800 or 888. You might think you are calling an attorney in your city, but if you dial the wrong prefix, you can get a totally different person across the country.

Like their 800 cousins, 877 numbers are completely free for the customer to dial. Along with that they provide many benefits to the end user, like ease of use, affordability and sense of professionalism.

Let’s back up a bit to find out more on these friendly digits. Toll free numbers actually date back as early as the 1960s, but their purpose was widely different than today’s. The toll free number was initially created as a way to cut back on using phone operators. The process was also created to offer customers more options rather than collect calling.

Along with that, they were normally controlled by the major phone companies. It wasn’t until the 1990s that the FCC helped consumers have more leverage in this area and keep their 800 numbers even if they changed phone services.

Later, 800 numbers associated with vanity phrases became widely popular. This newfound recognition fostered the need for more 800 prefixes. That’s when additional area codes like 877 (circa 1998) came on the scene.

As businesses and the global economy grew, the need for more area codes was never as urgent. What’s more, longer vanity characters were in demand too. The newer toll free prefixes such as 866 and 877 became highly sought for their wide-ranging and longer vanity selections.

Some of the digits in the area codes can be swapped for alphabetical letters, while standard 800 numbers cannot. For example, with an 877 or 866 area code you can have the vanity number 1-US-RENOVATIONS.

Vanity numbers even with the 1-877 toll free prefix appeal to marketers. First of all, they offer more vanity options, which become etched in consumers’ minds more so than numeric value phone numbers. Plus, like any toll free number, they are easier to call, have branding benefits, and can increase response rates.

A toll free number with an 877 area code is yours forever. Even if you move, you can still keep the same exact number. The same holds true for the other prefixes too. In the old days, a business that moved usually lost customers.

Even today, communicating your new information proves challenging. You can send out as many “we moved” reminders or emails and still get missed calls. E-mail can get snatched by spam filters and anything that even resembles “junk mail” in your regular mailbox usually gets tossed. So classically, people have viewed 800 numbers as an asset.

All in all, today an 877 number is like any other toll free line, but you can get more vanity choices.

Source by Christy Brugger

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Sex Positions – How To Sexually Satisfy Your Woman And Give Her Better Sex Using ‘The Pearl’

There are many ways to keep your sex-life interesting and make sure that you SEXUALLY SATISFY your woman. One obvious way to keep things interesting in the bedroom is to use some new sex positions.

In this article I’m going to talk to you about ‘The Pearl’ Sex Position — a fairly unusual, yet easy-to-use and very intimate position.

So if you are looking for ways to spice up the time you share with your woman and have BETTER SEX, read on carefully…

How To Perform ‘The Pearl’ Sex Position

The technique for this position is relatively simple:

You sit on the bed with your legs crossed and your back straight.

Your woman lets sits on your ‘tool’ and wraps her legs around your back.

That’s it, that’s ‘The Pearl’.

Here are a few things to be aware of as you use this sex technique:

– You can put your hands flat on the bed behind you or wrap them around your woman

– Your woman can put her hands on the bed behind her and lean her torso back slightly OR she can get really close to you and wrap her arms around you

Of course, when using ‘The Pearl’ Sex Position — the highest level of SEXUAL PLEASURE that you can give your woman is an ORGASM.

And that’s exactly what you should do if you want to SEXUALLY SATISFY HER… give her an orgasm.

Specifically, you should give her a VAGINAL ORGASM (that’s an orgasm that happens without any clitoral stimulation).

To do this, you should TALK DIRTY to your woman as you make-love to her in ‘The Pearl’ Sex Position.

This combination of genital stimulation and dirty talk will have a highly powerful effect on her. In fact, it is totally necessary in order to ‘get your woman off’.

REMEMBER this: women find silent sex to be boring sex. They need mental stimulation, not just physical stimulation.

And the truth is that ‘The Pearl’ position is great for talking dirty because you are so close together. You can just pull your woman’s hair back away from her ears and then whisper whatever you like straight into them.

Be aware that most guys make a mess of dirty talk.

To successfully talk dirty to your woman you must be CONFIDENT and speak with an authoritative tone. Do this and when combined with the genital stimulation from your thrusting and/or grinding — you’ll give her those powerful vaginal orgasms and totally sexually satisfy her.

Source by Adam A Armstrong

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What Do Adornments Say About You?

The power of first impressions can be very strong. Before someone opens their mouth or even looks you in the eyes, you begin evaluating the external signals they're sending, and you begin forming opinions about them: what they do for a living, what kind of person they are, how much money they have.

Right or wrong, it's true. What you wear on your body, and how you wear it say a lot about you. Sometimes people interpret those signals incorrectly, but would not you want to know how you're perceiving, even if it's not accurate?

Tattoos are a rite of passage for the strong-minded. Tattoos can express very personal feelings about a topic or simply be a way to celebrate something of interest. Their permanency makes the statement seem stronger because there is no easy way to change your mind once made.

Makeup is a way to express our feelings or project a certain mood. The recent "smoky eye" look has been very popular with women and projects an image of allure yet confidence when paired with nude lips. A poorly made up face can suggest the person does not care or is simply uninformed about their faux pas.

Hairstyles say quite a bit about us. Think of the woman you know who still wears mall bangs and has a perm. Do you have confidence that she's current with trends and topics? I did not think so. What about the woman with high hair? It's easy to think she's a chatty Cathy or vacant.

Belly button rings can be a private way to explore hidden interests. Belly button rings can be as demure as a stud or barbell or as enticing as a dangling Playboy Bunny ring. Belly button rings may be an easy low-commitment way to explore your wild side, even if you teach 7th grade English.

Source by Julie S. Montgomery

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What is Disability?

The question as we read it, is interpreted differently by different people. The definition has been debatable for a long time.

A normal person would define it as the inability to perform some activities due to damage. Disability can be mental or physical.

It can again further be categorized into acquired and developmental.
A person can be declared disable and can vouch for the various facilities and flexibilities allotted to them, but disability depends on its kind.
At one hand disability might lead to embarrassment, at the other it might be an advantage over the others!

Disables are usually treated as outsiders in the society because of the notification that they can not do anything. Disability has affected the society much like racism. It should be understood that although they can not perform certain activities in the 'normal' way does not infer that they are not a part of the society !!

The following are the two main types of disabilities:

Physical Disability. Such disabilities involve an impairment of a limb or organ. Examples are blindness, cripple, polio etc.

i. Acquired disability is a permanent impairment experienced as a result of some accident or mishap. It may not have been present at the time of birth.

ii. Developmental disability is the disadvantage that one either is born with or acquires it before the age of 22.

Mental Disability refers to any mental retardation or mental deficiency. This is a disorder of the brain which leads to improper or abnormal reactions and moods.

Source by Tarang Bhargava

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What Is The Point Of School Uniforms?

School uniforms are the cause for much debate these days with some people claiming that all schools should adopt them and others claiming that school uniforms are going to be the ruin of civilization as we know it. People tend to feel strongly on the subject of school uniforms, that is a fact and it is also a fact that many schools could very well choose to put school uniforms into effect over the next couple of years.

There are some definite pros and cons of both sides, and strangely enough some of them are the same. Confused yet? It is simple really, take the following into consideration. One of the big arguments for school uniforms is that by using them and forcing the students to look alike you are taking out their individuality. This can be seen as a good thing because individuality can often cause trouble among people. The more they all look the same the less likely they are to fight and disturb each other. People claim that if all of the kids dressed the same in their school uniforms they would not have as much to pick on other for. Clothes can be a huge divider and if they are taken out of the equation by making use of school uniforms then what will there be left to fight about?

Personally, I think that this argument takes away the credit young people deserve when it comes to their ability to wreak havoc. Let’s face it, not everyone is going to look the same as the others even when they all dress alike. Some are bound to look better in the school uniforms than others which still leaves many open to cruelty.

There is a flip side to the all looking the same in school uniforms theory. Many people feel that by taking away the students individuality you are not lessening the cause for trouble but only taking away the things that make people special. People are who they are and most people, especially young people define themselves by the way they look. If you take away their right to express themselves through the way that they look they will have to find some other way to do it and theses ways could very well be worse and more destructive than funky clothing.

School uniforms are a fact of life for many students, especially those in religious and private schools. For the most part the school uniforms do not seem to be making too much of a difference either way in terms of the behavior of the students. Schools where there are school uniforms being worn are just as likely to see violence and arguments in the halls as those without any school uniforms.

Children will be children and it does not matter what you dress them up in, whether it is school uniforms or jeans they are still going to behave like children. Children can be mean and they will find something to pick on others about if they are a bully, whether it is the way they look in their school uniforms or in their jeans.

Source by George Royal

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What Are Binding Machines?

The pages and covers of a book or document need to be bound together for making them last longer and enhancing their appearance. Binding machines are used for purposes in which thread is used to bind together pages and covers, through a strip sewn over or along the edge for strengthening or decoration.

The most commonly available binding machines include comb, coil, velobind, tape, double loop wire, and thermal binding and padding. A number of companies manufacture these machines, including GBC, HOP, Plastikoil, Renz, Rhino Tuff, Rollabind, Standard, and Speil.

It is a fact that bound documents last longer than the unbound ones. A binding machine has manual punch or electric punch. Manual punch is frequently used for small and medium volume jobs, where the electric punch is used for medium and large volume jobs. Currently available binding machines are fully automated for ensuring efficiency and effective time utilization. Presentation effect, manufacturing speed, and number of pages per bind will decide which binding technology is best suited for a particular application. It is generally observed that electric binding machines are more efficient and enable higher quality binding.

There are two commonly used methods of binding: friction type and knotted ends type. In friction type, binding knots pass at least once around a load of papers, and are held in place by the friction caused between the windings of the line that pass over top of the other winding. The binding knots, in the knotted end types, are passed at least once around the load and are eliminated in the position by two ends of the line, which are knotted together.

While choosing a binding machine, it is recommended to look out for certain features. These are punch capacity – how many sheets it can punch at one time, bind capacity – how many sheets it can bind at one time, the accepted paper size, and its mode of function.

Source by Alison Cole

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What Is ERP SAP, Exactly?

It is rather hard to pin down the meaning of ERP SAP. ERP, as we know, stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. In that case, what does SAP mean? SAP is an information technology acronym that when spelled out means Session Announcement Protocol. It is a form of announcement protocol that is employed for multicast sessions so that potential participants can be informed about pertinent session setup data. An SAP is usually dependent on the Real-Time Transport Protocol.

But there is also another way the SAP acronym is used in the IT world. SAP may also be used to mean Service Advertising Protocol which is employed so that servers linked somehow to the network will be identified through their respective addresses and services. In this case, SAP functions as a Netware protocol. Service Advertising Protocol allows the Server Information Table to function like a phonebook which would require NetWare clients to be knowledgeable about the real address of the server or service that they want before they can access it. Should the server that you want be unavailable, a broadcast packet that would indicate that status is delivered to the Server Information Structure. SAP agents are periodically informed about the status of a server every 60 seconds when a new broadcast packet is delivered. If there is no new periodic broadcast delivered in the span of 3 minutes, the server is called a downed server. The SAP agent will then eliminate the information about the server from the table, and is responsible for initiating a new broadcast with the information that that server is a downed server. This process permits SAP agents to maintain updated Server Information Tables.

A third way that you can derive the meaning of SAP is if it is used to refer to the Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing company, derived from the name SAP America, Incorporated. This company houses the American operations of the software firm SAP AG of Germany. SAP AG is currently believed to be the dominant player in the world for business software solutions. Based on revenues, SAP AG is considered the third-largest independent software developer in the global industry as well. SAP works for six different sectors in the software industry, namely, Public Services, Financial Services, Service Industries, Consumer Industries, Discrete Industries, and Process Industries.

SAP AG does not concentrate on serving just large enterprises – it also serves small- to medium-sized companies as well. SAP AG is known to have helped introduce the ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning concept which is why the company focuses on ERP systems and ERP solutions in its array of services. In the US, SAP America competes directly with major player Oracle Corporation, with the latter even initiating legal action against SAP for allegedly illegal corporate practices conducted by SAP subsidiary SAP TN. In turn, SAP denies it has committed intellectual property theft from Oracle.

Source by Jeffery Dodd

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Smoking – What is It?

Smoking tobacco has been something that people do for numerous reasons for centuries. It is the inhalation of smoke from the burning of tobacco. Originally at least that is what it was. The tobacco leaf was shredded and rolled up or stuffed in a pipe and lit. The fumes or smoke were then inhaled. Why was this started – who knows – maybe it was seen as a cure for some breathing complaint. However it started though, most people who smoke will want to quit smoking …. eventually.

Today many more chemicals are inhaled into the smoker's lungs than when the practice first started. In fact there are more than 4,500 chemicals in every drag that a smoker takes. Some of these chemicals are in their naturally, others are added as part of the manufacturing process. The majority of these chemicals which include hydrogen cyanide, methane, acetone and countless others would harm you in isolation … so just imagine what those chemicals do in combination.

I believe that in today's faster society our food intake does not contain the goodness (vitamins, minerals, nutrients etc.) in the same quantities that the previous generation enjoyed. Foods are processed quickly for economic reasons and many additives good and bad are included. So our bodies do not get as much goodness from the food we ingest. This may be a contribution factor in why people can contract illnesses, allergies, sensitivities to many things and can result in conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and IBS to name a few. It also means that our bodies are not so capable of dealing with all those 4,500 chemicals from tobacco smoke. It is a wonder we survive the first puff!

The sooner we decide to stop smoking the better. Believing that the decision to quit smoking can be left until we are in our forties, fifties, sixties or later is a bit like playing Russian roulette with your life. Just because you might be able to say that no one has contracted any of the horrible illnessness from smoking in your family so far, does not mean that you will not. After all someone has to be the first.

Why not make sure that it is not you. Quit smoking today because tomorrow …

Source by Steven Harold

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