What is an Anagram?

Learn what is an anagram in this clear, brief explanation. Both simple and complex examples of this fun format of word play are included.

The American Heritage dictionary defines an anagram as "A word or phrase formed by reordering the letters of another word or phrase, such as satin to stain. "

The dictionary, to be sure, answers the question, "What is an anagram?" but … Anagrams are way more fun than this! Anagram games and puzzles are a blast.

For example, can you change:

  • A seminar into a group of soldiers at sea?
  • A senator into an act of betrayal?

Can you think of:

  • 4 letters that can spell both a bird and a predatory mammal?
  • 5 letters that spell both a quality piece of meat and a boot with a blade?

If you are catching on to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčanagrams, you may guess the answers: seminar / marines, senator / treason and fowl / wolf, and steak / skate .

Anagrams can be made from words we use every day. Consider these sets of words: are / ear / era, dare / dear / read, and least / stale / steal / tales.

Sometimes it is possible to form an anagram that is related to the original word or phrase. These are known as cognate or perfect anagrams. Here is a clever example from the Encarta dictionary definition of an anagram: Astronomers is an anagram of no more stars .

The Anagram Dictionary by Michael Curl lists some interesting perfect anagrams which are almost unbelievable:

INCOME TAXES = Exact Monies

ELEVEN PLUS TWO = Twelve plus one

THE MONA LISA = Ah, not a smile?

VICTORIA, ENGLAND'S QUEEN = Governs a nice quiet land

Now that you know what an anagram is, you are ready to dive into the fun world of solving anagrams. There are many anagram sites online, and most newsstand puzzle magazines also contain a good selection of anagram puzzles. Anagram word games range from very simple to extremely difficult. Start out with the easy ones and work your way up. Once you are able to solve –or create – some tricky anagrams, you are sure to amaze your friends and family!

Source by Ann Richmond Fisher

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Service Management Software – What is ITIL?

ITIL is the accepted service management service framework for best practices for the provision of Information Technology services and is a basis for aligning business needs with IT.

ITIL was established by the UK government and is currently in its 3rd version. It places a framework around common sense practices, giving people guidelines on the areas that should focus on.

Previous versions of ITIL differ from version 3 in that they had more of a silo approach to process areas such as incident, problem, change, service level, release and availability. What ITIL service desk practitioners found was that many people remained in their own silo and did not integrate all aspects required to make managing IT a common sense process. For example, many only performed incident management, some only problem management.

The intention of ITIL is that everything inter-relates and integrates – you do not just perform incident management and then leave the remaining aspects of customer service to someone else. Version 3 attempts to better formalize integration of the services that IT provides to the business. It is much more focused on what the business requires of IT and focuses on what services IT is providing to the business.

Today, most businesses these days can not operate without IT, but IT need to be seen to be providing the right service to the business. ITIL Version 3 is more service focused and advises that organizations should be agreeing with the business about what services they need IT to provide; then look how to implement the right processes – changing and improving those processes based on feedback from the business.

Version 2 processes are still a primary part of ITIL as you will continue to manage incidents and problems, and manage change requests from the business. However, today, the silo approach has been removed and there is more overlap so that people can see how they should be passing accidents, problems, changes and resolutions along the customer service chain.

In the past, who was handling accidents could only see the incidents; who was handling the problems would only see the problems. There was not an integrated approach and implementing ITIL version 2 was quite easy to do. However, if you view ITIL as a framework, Version 3 makes it more difficult to fall into a single process mindset. Version 3 diagrams are more inter-related and easier for people to see the overlap in functions and processes.

From the ITIL framework, most of the tools that are available try to address the integrated areas of management. Many products are certified to ITIL and Pink Elephant is one such organization that verifies products support the ITIL framework. However, ITIL is not proscriptive – it does not specify that you need to do this like this. One of the problems people have when they try to implement ITIL is that they expect to be able to pick up a book and say "if I want to manage change within my organization using ITIL, this is what I have to do." ITIL does not do that. It is a framework of best practice and it is expected that you take what you need to make sure that it runs smoothly for your organization.

There's no right or wrong way to implement ITIL. What that means is that every tool that you look at will be slightly different. There's no prescriptive way of doing things, and each tool has its own suggested way. The tools do go a certain way towards suggesting how you can manage the various processes, but there's always an element of needing to fit in with your organization, within your business practices. This is where tool selection becomes important. You need a tool that is very flexible, because you do not want to mold your processes to the tool – you want to be able to adjust the tool to your processes.

This brings down to time and money. If you do not have time and money then you can take a tool off the shelf and be happy with what it does. With time and money you can adjust the service management software tool to your process.

Source by Antony Dutton

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Commercial Uses Of GPS Trackers

As GPS tracking systems are becoming increasingly popular and a part of our everyday lives, we are becoming more and more guaranteed of the usefulness of this system's domestic usage. From personal safety to navigation, and from vehicle location to speed monitoring, the GPS tracking systems prove their worth every day. However, we also see that not many people are aware of a how a GPS tracker can be used commercially, and how a great number of businesses can increase their profits and productivity with the help of a GPS tracking system.

An industrialist country, like United States, uses transportation, logistics and fleet / freight management as the engine of its trade and commerce. A lot of big and small businesses are involved in this part of the industry and help transport goods and services all around the United States, satisfying millions of consumers every day. If you are also running a similar business, here's how a GPS tracking system can make your business more productive, and your costs more reduced.

If you install a GPS system in your commercial vehicles, you are in an effective position to manage the routes more efficiently. You can inform the driver in advance if a road is blocked ahead, so saving precious time and fuel. You can also sit down with your drivers and create new routes that can save time, are more secure and then process deliveries more quickly.

The GPS system is also great in tracking the amount of time the vehicle took to travel from point A to point B, if any stops were made, the speed that was maintained or fluctuated, and the routes the vehicle traveled and the roads that were passed . Having this information available can help you implement driver accountability, thus making the business more productive.

Another great advantage of a GPS system is that you can keep an eye on the speed at which the driver is driving. You can not only inform the driver in time to avoid any speed-limit crosses but can also use this information to fuel costs.

It is also a great system because it helps you communicate accurate responses to the questions of your consumers. If they want to know how much a delivery would take, you are in a great position to determine that information by pinpointing the current location of the vehicle and determining remaining distance and other information etc. It also helps you inform your customer of any delays that are going to occur.

Another great thing about GPS trackers is that they also inform you about your vehicles' state of maintenance. It helps you keep a record on when the last time a vehicle was sent for maintenance, and when it is next due. It helps you ensure that your entire fleet will remain in a spank and clean condition always, which can result in longer vehicle life.

Source by Rana Adnan Mushtaq

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The Truth About USA Government Grants For Moms

Since President Obama challenged American Moms to return to college in a speech last February, an incredible amount of information and disinformation is filling the pages of internet sites. Sorting out truth from fiction can be difficult regarding USA Government Grants for Moms.

The government program that Obama was referring to in his speech was the Federal Pell Grant program. Pell grants represent the most widely available type of grant for undergraduate students. Currently, about 40% of all undergraduate students receive Pell grant funding. These grants are made available to students who demonstrate financial need, and the wonderful thing about these kinds of grants is that they never need to be repaid.

These facts make them a fantastic option for all Moms, including single and minority Moms. With college costs up almost 40% from just a decade ago, the need for grants has increased. The Washington Post has reported that the Obama administration is increasing the program to approximately $ 35 Billion this year, which will make Pell grants more available, and add, on average, about $ 200 to each grant awarded.

The income levels that define who qualifies have also been reduced, so the grants are now easier than ever to qualify for. Currently, almost 60% of graduates leave college with tuition debt, and the administration is committed to significantly lower that percentage, as well as reducing the amount of total indentedness.

In his recent State of the Union speech, the president reiterated his commitment to this increase, calling on Congress to act to revitalize America's community colleges, where many students get their start. All of this is great news for Moms since they will have greater access to Pell grants to begin or continue their education.

Source by Cathy Yeatts

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Etymology- How Words Change Over Time

Etymology is the study of the origins of words.

As languages develop the meaning of words can change over time. This causes confusion and misunderstanding when communicating with other people.

In a world were you make a living at communicating, advertising or marketing, it is not only important to have clarity in your message, it is also important to think of your target market and understand how they understand words and messages.

On the positive side that words change meaning over time, it has been noted that languages that stay alive, adapt and grow over time.

An example would be the word nice. Nice used to be an insult and meant foolish or stupid in the 13th century and it went through many changes right through to the 18th century with meanings like wanton, extravagant, elegant, strange, modest, thin, and shy or coy. Now it means a good & pleasing or thoughtful & kind.

Silly meant blessed or happy in the 11th century and went through pious, innocent, harmless, pitiable and feeble minded before ending up as foolish or stupid.

Pretty started as crafty this changed to clever or skillfully made, then to fine and ended up as beautiful.

Some other changes are:

Word ______ Original Meaning

Awful________ Deserving of awe

Bead _________Prayer

Brave_________ Cowardice (as in bravado)

Girl__________ Young person of either sex

Neck_________ Parcel of land (as in neck of the woods)

Nuisance______ Injury, harm


There are several reasons for words change meaning. One is the influence of other languages and cultures. Throughout history, many nations through conquering or intermixing with one another, introduced their own languages into the mix. Another reason is the predominate use of slang words. We get so used to using them that many times we forget that we even are.

So when it comes to defining words, there is the standard dictonary, which by the way can show multiple meanings for one word, and there is the definition of the word in slang.

As well, slang words spread faster and are used more often than before, making them common place in many societies.

Due to the advancement of science and technology, new words are also being created at an amazing rate. Keeping up with some of the new words and your usage of them will help in your efforts understand and to become a master communicator.

Once every ten years, the Merriam- Webster dictionary is updated. Their 11th edition for 2003 included some 10,000 new words along with 100,000 new meanings to words already existing and some 225,00 revised definitions.

Some of the slang words that have made it in the dictionary are;

Headbanger- a hard rock musician and a fan

Dead presidents- Paper currency

Prairie Gophering – people who peer above their cubicles at work.

McJob- Low paying and dead-end work.

Comb-over- an attempt to cover a bald spot

You can learn about more words in an etymology dictionary.

We can use this as another reminder, especially when it is important to have a group goal achieved, that what a word means to us, may not have the same meaning to someone else.

There is also the emotional reactions that different people have to certain words. But that’s another story…

Source by Maria Boomhower

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How to Use Skype 5.1 iPhone the Best Way

If you are a swanky iPhone user who loves spending a legal amount of time on the social networks, you are at the right address to receive the best knowledge to enhance the experience further. Now, you must know about the Skype app for iPhone like all other apps. With the latest Skype 5 release, it may be a little harder to get going with the app, new features and all. So to get acquainted with it, you could use these handy tips:

Group chats are not exactly new to the Skype experience, they're a big part of how people use the software to chat Skype contacts and also keep in touch with family and friends. With the latest version of Skype for iPhone we've added the ability for you to create new groups from your contacts, here's how:

1. Open Skype.
2. Tap the chat icon.
3. Add the contacts you want in the group, type your message and tap the send button.

To chat Skype contacts who are your hot favorites, you always need them to be at the tip of your finger. With the 5.1 update you can add a contact to your favorites from the favorite screen, or you can do the same when you're in a conversation:

1. Tap the More icon in the bottom right
2. More icon highlighted
3. Select add to favorites
4. Using filters with your people list to narrow your focus

Another way to find a certain contact quicker is to use the filters on the people screen. You'll find the filter at the top left of the people screen. You can filter your contacts in a number of ways:

1. All – Rather self-explanatory, this option shows you all your contacts.
2. Skype – Filters out your Microsoft Account contacts if you're signed in with your Microsoft Account.
3. Online – Shows only contacts who are currently available to chat with and call.

With the 5.1 update your filter settings will stay active when you sign out of Skype to save you time in the future.

Typing on a mobile phone is a tricky business. Do you go with auto-correct and hope for the best or painstakingly proofread your messages? Well with the 5.1 update to Skype for iPhone we added the ability for you to edit and delete messages so you can also fix those typos after they happen. To edit or delete a message in a conversation simply long-tap it and select the appropriate option.

So the iPhone 5.1 updated Skype app is actually quite beneficial for your Skyping health! It does pack in some awesome features plus it so much cooler! You just need to know the right way to use it, which of this article, you might have!

Source by Rajni Kant Kumar

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Why the Internet is Dangerous For Kids

You probably heard from other parents that the internet is a dangerous place for kids. Yes and No. Internet if approached correctly can bring enormous and positive benefits to your child’s knowledge and development. Why the internet is dangerous for kids actually has to do with the fact that bad guys can easily hide their identify and have easy access to your kids online, without even knocking on your front door.

Here I will outline some of the dangers your kids may encounter on the internet.


Cyberbullying is when another child or teen on the internet is harassing your child. Similar to the bullying that happen in school, the only difference is all the bullying activity is happening online with your child staying in their room. The other child or teen can humiliate, threaten, and embarrass your child using harsh words, offensive photos that can affect your child’s self-esteem, or simply calling them names.

Sexual Exploitation

This is when a sexual predators try to lure your kids into offline meetings by using persuasive tactics online. They can sometimes offer gifts to your kids (usually something that you can’t afford or refuse to buy for your kids), try to show them something they don’t have (raises their anxiety and interest level), or offering them cash advance for a promised job. Once you kids defenses are low, their anxiety and interest level are high, there is high probability that they may consider meeting the predators offline. Other parents may not be able to give you specific examples why the internet is dangerous for kids, they just tell you that “the internet is dangerous, keep your child away from it”.


Cyberstalking is when the stalker relentlessly pursuing their victim online and is much more likely lead to some offline attacks. When the attacks moved from online to offline, this is where the situation gets more serious as they can include some form of physical contacts. Therefore, it is always crucial for your child not to reveal any personal identifiable information to anyone online. This include your home address, their school name and places where they hang out often.

These are just few examples of why the internet is dangerous for kids. Apart of guiding your kids to behave online, you may also want to consider taking additional measure in order to stay more vigilant. One of the effective approach most parents take today is to install a parental control software. Net Nanny Parental Control software is one such software and has the ability to block unwanted and harmful sites from reaching your children.

Click here to learn more about Net Nanny Parental Control software now and start protect your kids safety online.

Source by John Larsen

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The Wedding Photo Book

Personalized Photo Books

Personalized photo books can be created using any digital photos and other digital picture files including scanned images and downloaded pictures. The cover can be customized with the addition of a single photo, which is then added to both the front and back cover. A second picture can be provided in order to have this printed on the back in place of the original picture. Every side of every page can also be customized with one or more photos and depending on the size of photo book chosen this means between 30 and 80 sides of photo printing on high quality materials.

Turning A Book Into A Wedding Photo Book

The book has many uses but is especially good looking and personal when used as a wedding personalized book. Whether you're arranging it for your own use or are looking for a unique and very personal wedding gift for the happy couple, a wedding book is the ideal choice. It combines customization with a traditional wedding item and it can be kept and enjoyed for many years to come.

Giving A Wedding Book As A Gift

A wedding book can be given as a gift to the bride and groom to celebrate their big day. Ordinarily, this may mean giving them the gift after the big day but you can instead pay for the wedding book and receive a gift certificate which can be presented along with the rest of the wedding party's gifts on the wedding day. Once the day is over and the couple have chosen their favorite photos they can then choose the photos to print in their own wedding book.

Creating Your Own Wedding Photo Book

Alternately, you may be looking for a high quality and great looking wedding book for your own use. Use pictures taken by a professional photographer and combine these with more candid shots taken by guests in order to create a beautiful photo journal of your big day. There's no need to mount the pictures yourself either this way, making it more convenient and better looking than a album.

Wedding Photo Guest Books

A guest book is another type of book that can be customized. Choose a picture and have it printed on the cover of a guest book and then choose the column headers to include on all of the pages. A photo guest book will usually hold around 200 entries although this can be extended by having extra pages added to the standard photo guest book size, ensuring that all of your guests are able to leave a message of congratulations for you and your partner.

Source by Sarah Maria Williams

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When a Film Score Comes Home With You

What a wonderful feeling when a great movie stays with me after leaving the theater, even better when the soundtrack comes along for the ride. Letely I find myself listening to the same score over and over again and can not get the soundtrack from 'Inception' out of my head. This score has washed into my daily life the way the waves washed over DiCaprio in the opening and ending scenes from the film.

Can this be Hans Zimmer's best work to date? I know that many will disagree, but we can agree to say that this is his most addictive. After composing over 100 films, his last few seem to each outshine the other – Frost Nixon, Sherlock Holmes, The Dark Knight, and now Inception along with (Despicable Me). Some of his other works include Rain Man, The Lion King, Gladiator, Crimson Tide, Thelma and Louise and all of the Pirates of The Caribbean films. There are just too many movies to mention since when you look at his previous work it reads like a 'Greatest Hits' list.

Start to finish this time around, it is as if he has written a score that can be played through the day and many of the tracks seem to fit so well with our daily life. Zimmer always a personal favorite great up working alongside Trevor Horn (Seal, Propaganda, Robbie Williams, Art of Noise, Pet Shop Boys). In the early 80's as Horn was finding his sound, so was Zimmer as the two had worked together on some Buggles material and collaborated on the Barry Levinson over hyped film Toys (with Robin Williams). Zimmer to me is a modern-day Giorgio Moroder – (Midnight Express, Cat People and the infamous Scarface).

The score for Scarface was also a strikingly memorable work of art, and it is surprising that it has never been released. Please do not mix this up this with the soundtrack that is available everywhere. The only two 'score songs' that have seen the light of day and appear on the soundtrack release are the beautiful 'Gina and Elvira's theme' sounding as retro as the day it was first heard and the hauntingly somber yet thunderous 'Tony's Theme'.

Take a listen to 'Tony's Theme' from Scarface and then play Zimmer's 'Waiting For a Train' from Inception and you will hear two works that stand out as a template as to what to listen for in a great score.

Source by Michael Klein

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At Home Money

We all want more at home money, meaning money you can make from home in your spare time. No matter how much a person might make, when it comes to income we want more! Why is this – because it is what we need to get our basic needs? If you do not have a means to earn it then you can not get more basic things, it's that simple.

And now in this reality we are facing in this world today we simply need more than one way to earn this money. Having a plan B these days is a must! Not just a passing thought as when times were better. Earning at home money is something that can be done in spare time. But also should be something you truly enjoy. So in order to have this you must consider certain things.

a. Provide a service in return for money working from your home.
b. Have a product to provide in return for money made from your home.

It must be understood that this will be your at home money making business, so you control the time spend making it work for you.

In the first instance persons must come to your home so you can provide the service they wish to receive, this can interfere with time spent with family, and you are not able to leakage other persons to help it grow. You only receive the at home money when you provide this service.

In the second instance you have a product that others want and need and will buy, you also will have the ability to leakage others to share this product and bring at home money by leveraging them sharing the product as well. And at the same time they are also introduced by you how to earn as well.

This will allow unlimited at home money earning potential and also free up even more time for you as time passes yet your at home money business continues to grow. This is the plan I recommend!

Now that you have this knowledge how will you use it?

Source by Todd Sinnard

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