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Researching how to become a roustabout is probably the best step you can make if you’re serious about working in the oil industry. Most men and women underestimate the actual hiring procedures and wait years without a response, subsequent to applying. Reading this article will help you get started and increase your chances of landing a spot on an offshore oil rig, and soon!

First, you should have an idea of the qualifications, demands and schedule tied to a Roustabouts job description. While the average Joe with no formal education to speak-of can send in a resume, he or she must take into account that offshore oil rig jobs require an average of 12 hours of physical labor per day. Of course, workers do get fed extremely well and are given at least three breaks a day with snacks in between. A Roustabout will work this shift for two weeks straight with no off-days and in isolation at sea. This is the same for most oil rig jobs. At the end of every 14-day period, you’ll have the opportunity to go on vacation anywhere you choose for two straight weeks…then back to work.

Learning how to become a roustabout involves training on and offshore, observation and of course, actual physical labor on your rig. Your main duties would involve cleaning the decks, removing rust, painting and assisting Roughnecks, Drillers and Crane Operators, depending on the operation at hand. Basically, you’ll do whatever job is asked of you! Moving up the ranks happens very quickly and looks somewhat like this:

1. Roustabout

2. Roughneck

3. Assistant Driller or Assistant Crane Operator

4. Driller or Crane Operator

5. Toolpusher

6. Offshore Installation Manager

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