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The top protein for building muscle and for turning fat into muscle is soy. Soy is a lean protein that carries little fat by product and is easily metabolized by the body. For many people the issue of battling too much excess weight and not enough muscle mass; or too little body mass and too little muscle mass is usually caused by poor diet or metabolic problems.

Americans today eat more junk food and their quality of dietary intake and nutrition is significantly lower than it was 30 years ago. For most people who seek to change the cycle of too much fat or too little muscle mass, protein is the key ingredient.

Most protein based shakes that are made for building muscle contains soy as a base. There are some of these that contain grains, but the protein base is primarily a soy product. This is true in protein shakes and protein powders. One of the main reasons is soy's high concentration of protein per gram. It is also one of the leanest forms of protein available today.

The food industry has picked up on the need for more opportune ways to take in soy as a part of a diet. Soy has become a mainstay for vegetarians, health seekers and people seeking get fit. This includes people who wish to turn fat into muscle or simply to just build more body mass in general. There are many ways to get soy protein into the body.

The supermarkets are filled with soy based products, in the health food section there are burgers, chicken patties, crumbles-ground meat, hot dogs, bacon, sausage and steak strips that are all soy based with the taste and texture very similar to the real thing. These are typically found in the health food section and some brands have mastered the flavor and texture more than others, but excellent products are available.

Also many health food stores have protein bars, protein shakes, ice cream bars, soy milk and protein powders all made with soy. Again there are some products that are better in flavor than others but most soy items are good quality protein base foods that are excellent for building muscle and body mass. Conversion of body fat into muscle is also more readily accomplished with soy than other forms of protein. That is why the top protein for building muscle and for turning fat into muscle is soy. Consumers can do an online review check to find out which products have an excellent reputation for flavor and quality. However judging taste is always a personal thing and can vary person to person.

Source by Dane C. Fletcher

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