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The Best and Worst Wedding Dates of the Year

The wedding date you select can have a larger impact than you may realize on the event. Certain dates may mean a poor turn-out or higher prices, while other dates can mean that everyone shows up ready for a great party. Check out the best and worst wedding dates of the year before you set the date for your nuptials.

Certain wedding dates are almost completely off-limits. Those include Christmas day, Thanksgiving, and Easter Sunday. Hold your wedding on any of those days, and you may well find that you and your groom are the only ones in attendance! If a holiday weekend is the only time that your whole family will be in one place, you might have to consider scheduling your nuptials within a couple of days of those taboo dates; just be aware that many people on your guest list will be unable to attend. The chances are that they will be spending those precious holidays with their own close family members, and even those who could come might decide not to when they see how much airline tickets cost over Thanksgiving weekend!

There is another holiday, however, that people think is so romantic for weddings, which in fact can have some serious drawbacks. That would be Valentine’s Day. What is wrong with a Valentine’s Day wedding? For one thing, the flower prices can soar around February 14th, particularly for roses. You will also find it more difficult to get dinner reservations on your anniversary for the rest of your lives together. Moreover, many couples prefer to celebrate Valentine’s Day having a romantic dinner for two, not attending a wedding. Last but not least, having a wedding on Valentine’s is a lot of pressure to come up with the most romantic wedding ever.

The next worst possible wedding date is Superbowl Sunday. About half the men on the guest list will flat out refuse to attend, and the other half will be resentful about having been dragged to your wedding while the big game is on. A lot of the women will feel the same way! When you walk down the aisle, all eyes should be upon you in your fabulous dress and wedding jewelry, but if you wed during the Superbowl, most of the guests will be checking out the game score on their mobile devices. Almost as bad is hosting a wedding during an NFL playoff game; just don’t do it!

Some dates are really fun for weddings. If you really want to ensure a great party atmosphere for your reception, host it on New Year’ Eve. That is one day of the year when everyone is in the mood to celebrate and have fun. You will also find that guests are especially eager to wear their most fabulous outfits and festive wedding jewelry on New Year’s Eve. It would be the perfect date for a black tie wedding.

Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends can also be ideal wedding dates. The majority of people will have a three day weekend, which makes travel much easier for out-of-towners. They are also not such family-oriented holidays that a lot of people will be unable to attend. Weather tends to be nice in late May and early September, which adds to the appeal of those dates. Really the only drawback to Memorial Day and Labor Day weddings is that they are popular dates. To score one of those coveted dates for your wedding, be prepared to plan far ahead.

Source by Guy Antonelli

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Organizing Events Photos For Scrapbooking

Often the biggest impediment to getting parties, holidays, and celebrations scrapbooked is making the time to go through the many photos you took at the event. Here's an approach for organizing and winning down the number of pictures you put onto your events scrapbook pages. Impossible as it sounds – try to do this quickly. Your first instincts will guide you well.

First pass at selecting photos for events scrapbooking
Take your stack of photos – or open up the event folder in your computer photo editor / browser software – and make a first pass through them, pulling the ones you really like. Pulling digital shots involves either "flagging" them or putting them in their own folder. In Picasa, this is done by clicking on the yellow star at the bottom while your photo is selected. If you're using acdSee, you put a checkmark in the small box on the photo thumbnail. If you're using other software, do a quick search in the software help area for "tag." When working on scrapbooking the photos from a Labor Day picnic, my first pass reflected in 42 photos that I liked.

Second pass at selecting photos for events scrapbooking
Take your rolled shots. Digitally this means going to the folder or "starred" area. In Picasa, I went to the "Starred Photos" folder holding my 42 selected shots. Now it's time to figure out some logical groupings. With most photo editors / browsers, you can drag photos around on the screen, and move those that realted next to one another. For my Labor Day picnic, the logical groupings turned out to be:
1) photos of people in boats;
2) photos of guests playing on the rope swing; and
3) photos of people just hanging out and eating.

Third pass at selecting photos for events scrapbooking.
With your photos grouped, it's easier to see the duplicates and photos that just do not add a lot. "Un-Star" those photos to reduce the number of photos you've chosen. With prints – just remove them from the stack. I got mine down to 19 starred photos that I think I will use. Once I print them and start pushing them around the page, the number might get smaller.

Those extra events photos
Remember: extra photos can go in album pocket pages or pockets that you build onto your scrapbook page.

Source by Debbie Hodge

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Cancer is the Modern Day Plague

Cancer is a modern day plague that is fast becoming the number one killer in the world. If you, or your loved one, have been stricken with cancer, the first thing you want to do is get good advice. But where do you go to get this advice?

A few short years ago, you were very limited as to where to find any information about cancer, much less any worthwhile information about alternative methods of dealing with cancer and cancer treatments.

Cancer is a horrible disease, causing terrible pain and suffering as it slowly (sometimes quickly) takes the life of its victim. The treatments to fight the disease sometimes are more painful than the disease itself, many times the patient’s immune system is so depleted from the treatment, that they contract other illnesses that their body has no way to ward off, and this is what takes their life.

If you have contracted cancer, what next? Is this a death sentence? Is there any way to fight it? You can undergo chemo, with all of its ill effects. But will this cure your cancer? Unfortunately, for most people, the answer is no. It seems that most people endure a painful treatment only to die anyway.

Is there an alternative treatment, something that will not make you sicker than the disease it is trying to cure? For many people, the answer is yes. We have heard stories of the painful treatments, yet many people are cured every year without undergoing painful chemo treatments and without the sickness that accompanies chemo.

Many doctors do not want you to undergo alternative treatment because they have a vested interest in the traditional drugs and treatment they prescribe for you. These treatments sometimes cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in many cases, they are experimental with no guarantee they will work. Yet doctors scoff at alternative treatments that have cured thousands of people at a fraction of the cost.

Sometimes the doctors are right to be skeptical of the alternative treatments. They are nothing more that second rate quackery, designed to separate you from your hard earned money with nothing in return.

So the question is, how do you find an alternative treatment that really works? With the invention of the internet, now it is possible to get a wealth of knowledge, in a short period of time on any subject, including cancer and alternative cancer treatment.

Find a good book, written by someone who has been cured from cancer. If your cancer is the same as theirs, you can get some useful information that may help you with struggle. The book should have testimonies and stories of other people that have been cured using the method outlined.

It may be necessary to get more than one book to find a treatment that works for you. But the price of a good book that actually offer hope and encouragement is a small fraction of the cost of traditional treatments that often do not work.

Source by Sydney Heiden

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A Brief History Of The Travelling Funfair

Fairs in this country have a long and ancient history, deeply rooted in tradition.

The word fair is derived from the Latin ‘feria’, meaning a holiday and at one time the Romans were credited with the introduction of fairs.

It is now generally accepted that their origins are from pagan customs of the people who first settled this land; their seasonal gatherings held for the purposes of both trade and festivity, contained within them the essential elements of the fair.

The Romans did much to promote fairs by improving trade and communications throughout the country.

During the centuries following the departure of the Romans, many fairs and other festivals were incorporated into the calendar of the growing Christian Church. Charters granted by the sovereign gave the fair legal status and an increasing importance in the economic life of the nation.

Merchants and traders from Europe, the Middle East and beyond were drawn to the great chartered fairs of the Middle Ages bringing with them a wealth of goods.

The sheer number of these fairs, no fewer than 4860 were chartered between the years 1200 and 1400, drew not only merchant but entertainers as well: jugglers, musicians and tumblers – the ancestors of today’s showmen.

The Black Death of 1348-49 brought about a new kind of fair. In order to stem the rise in wages caused by the shortage of workers, Edward III introduced the Statute of Labourers. This compelled all able bodied men to present themselves annually for hire at a stated wage. These gathering or hiring fairs were held mainly around Michealmas, the end of the agricultural year.

By the early eighteenth century the trading aspects of the charter fairs had waned and most fairs consisted almost entirely of amusements, acrobats, illusionists and theatrical companies all plied their trade on fairgrounds.

Around this time the first fairground rides began to appear, small crudely constructed out of wood and propelled by gangs of boys.

In 1868, Frederick Savage, a successful agricultural engineer from Kings Lynn, devised a method of driving rides by steam. His invention, a steam engine mounted in the centre of the ride was to transform the fairground industry. Freed from the limitations of muscle power, rides could be made larger, more capacious and more heavily ornamented. The showman’s demand for novelty was matched by the ingenuity of Savage and other engineers.

In the wake of the steam revolution an amazing variety of new designs and rides appeared. These rides were the forerunners of today’s amazing thrill rides, over time innovations such as electric lighting, electric motors, hydraulics etc. allowed rides to evolve into the amazing devices that are seen today at any local fairground.

Source by Jason Moody

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Careers in Accounting Firms

Individuals who are interested in working for accounting firms will find that there ample opportunities in this field. Accountants are needed in every section of the work-a-day-world including businesses, schools, non-profits, government agencies and more.

These professionals are needed to crunch numbers, handle taxes, balance the budget and have payroll doled out appropriately. These math brained individuals work with investment planning, management issues, retirement funding, scrutinizing loans and keeping up with current tax laws.

A person with a strong aptitude in mathematics and finance may be drawn to this career choice. The employment outlook in this arena is healthy and continues to grow. Taxation rules and regulations change every year; it takes a great amount of knowledge and expertise to keep up with the ever changing details.

The most common employment arenas where accountants may work include internal auditing, government, business management and the public sector. Internal auditors are usually employed to audit large organizations in order to make certain that proper procedures and practices are in compliance. Governmental work would entail dealing with the finances of state, local or federal agencies or bureaus.

Employees of the Internal Revenue Service work for the government and they are the watchdogs of the tax world. Business management duties may include scrutinizing budgets, costs, and payroll. Those that work in the public sector may be in business for themselves. They would help individuals or companies with their taxes, investments and retirement planning, debt management and more.

The schooling that an accounting employee would need varies by their job title and level of certification. Bookkeepers don’t need a formal degree to keep books. Clerks don’t have to have degrees either. Loan officers, budget analysts, tax collectors or examiners, and bill collectors are occupations which are similar and require a varying amount of education.

Most accountants, however, do need a Bachelors’ degree in mathematics, finance or accounting. In order to become a CPA, which stands for certified public accountant, not only must a four year degree be held but a formal certification also. In order to be certified, a test must be passed. The test is challenging and is given out by the State Board of Accountancy.

The more education, certification required and responsibility a job has in this field, the higher the salary usually is. The most highly paid and lucrative positions in this field tend to be those in the private or public sector. Internal auditors and government workers follow. New graduates often work under the supervision of senior professionals in order to gain competence and experience.

Individuals who enjoy this work tend to be introverts who enjoy toiling away on their own. They must have good concentration skills, an excellent mathematics aptitude and be very honest and hard-working. They are being trusted to guide individuals, governmental agencies and businesses in all matters that pertain to finances.

Chances of obtaining employment in accounting firms are excellent for the right individuals. With the appropriate experience and education, an individual could become a CPA, clerk, or bookkeeper and maintain a steady career path for years to come.

Source by Andrew Stratton

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Scholarships Available For Working Mothers Too!

A number of working mothers barely have considerable amount of time to think about returning to school in order to acquire a degree. In spite of the fact that they can’t afford both time and money, there are several working mothers that would love to enhance their education. They want to continue education to improve their educational credentials so that they can either take a step ahead in their present careers or even switch to new and more rewarding ones. Working moms particularly prefer online degrees.

Because of the growing demand for working mothers to continue education, college scholarships for working mothers seem greater than before. Furthermore, working moms may be eligible for other scholarships that they are still unaware of. For instance, family of military gets scholarships. So, if your grandfather served our country, make sure to have a look at the scholarships available in relevant categories.

Though finance is a major problem faced by working moms, it isn’t the only problem that they have to deal with. Majority of working mothers confront the challenge of arranging time to attend classes because of their hectic schedule. Of course, the option of studying online can save them a considerable amount of time. Online studies are perfect for working mothers. The financial assistance office of the online programs can be quite beneficial for working moms but again, the mother has to be her own backer. According to the studies, students who collect more information and get in touch with more than 3 colleges usually have to make fewer tuition payments and gain more assistance. One must keep in mind that all colleges are not alike, therefore getting as much information as possible is very important. Press the financial assistance office to help you get a clear idea about doubtful scholarships as well. You can start your search by visiting one of the reliable online internet portals and choose the interesting programs and consequently call for free information. Become a knowledgeable consumer. Certainly, you wouldn’t purchase the first vacuum cleaner you came across – well, attending college is somehow similar to investing in another “product” – you can’t just enroll in the first online college you discover.

Lastly, remember that studying for an online degree is extremely convenient as compared to the traditional system that asks for attending classes and so can be modified to satisfy an individual’s requirements especially when it comes to working mothers. The flexibility of online education helps working mothers in balancing their work, daily chores in addition to studies.

Source by Sheila Danzig

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Who Works For Money?

Since young, I have been told, "Study hard in school so that you can get a job. When you get a good job, work hard so that you can make a lot of money." Today, I would like to invite you to share your personal opinion, is the statement above true?

I've no questions that working hard is important but I can not agree that working hard alone is not enough. Take a look at the real world that we are in right now.

How come there are billions who slave their lives working all day and some even all night long but they are broke? Some of them even have 3 to 5 jobs per day and they are still close to being broke?

Yet at the same time, there are people who spend time lounging around country clubs and traveling around the world, yet they are incredibly wealthy?

So, let's all agree together that the statement that "you will be rich if only you work hard" is FAKE!

The main reason the rich are able to spend their days playing and relaxing because they know the power of leverage and they use it! They leakage on other people's time, resources and skills. Therefore, when the rich works really really hard, they are doing it only temporarily. However, it's permanent for the poor. The rich knows that "you" have to work hard until your "money" works hard enough to take your place.

The more money works, the less you will have to work.

Source by Jonathan Quek

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Benefits To Having An Education

If you look back to the 70s and 80s, many people were able to get by without even having a high school diploma. You could get a labor job and make $20 an hour without much effort. These days, these jobs are much harder to acquire. Not getting some sort of post high school education these days is the equivalent of dropping out of high school 20 years ago.

If you do not have some sort of education these days, most companies will throw your resume away before ever talking to you. It is very imperative you have an advanced education if you want to be successful. So, you’ve been out of high school for a while now and you have responsibilities and don’t have time to go to school. The dawn of the information super highway, aka the internet, has given people many options that were never available even five years ago. You can get just about any type of education online and the best part is that it is significantly cheaper!

You can work on obtaining your diploma or degree from home, whenever you have time, at your own pace. There are so many benefits to having an education that it would take me hours to sit here and type them all out, but here are some of the major benefits which include the following:

  • Educated people make more money
  • People respect people with educations more than those who don’t
  • Having an education allows you to work in a field that you enjoy
  • Have more stimulating conversations

For a list of degrees that are available online the following site has all the different types of degrees and diplomas available online with free information kits so you can find out more information.

Start heading in the right direction, free yourself from your dead end job, and get yourself an education today!

Source by Julia Hyde

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Baby Boomers, Is the Digital Era the Answer to Our Future?

I'm asking all baby boomers, because I know if you are anything like me you are looking for a retirement fund that will take you into your golden years comfortably. We can not count on a job or the government, but we can certainly count on ourselves.

I personally do not want to spend my retirement years with concerns about money. I want to put all that baloney behind me and enjoy the fruits of my labor. I'm sure you are the same. So I ask myself several questions to get to the root of exactly what I want and then how I can achieve just that?

What I do not want?
I do not want to worry about money
I do not want to rely on a job or the government
I do not want to live out my days sitting on the couch with a remote control because that's all I can afford to do.

What I do want?
I do want to be financially independent.
I do want to live from the income of my own personal resources.
I do want to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Now I know what I want and what I do not want. The question now is; How do I get what I want? How can I achieve financial freedom reliably quickly doing my own thing? Hmm, is not that food for thought? Guess what? I have the palatable answer.

I honestly think if you are a baby boomer like me, and would like another shot at educating yourself and doing something great with it, Internet marketing is the answer to our future. Here's why I say that. We are now older and a hell of a lot wiser. Some of us never took our education seriously when we were in our late teens. So what we could have been, we never accomplished.

As the old saying we are all too familiar with goes, "If I only knew then what I know now". Well now we know. We know to step up to the plate and take our lifetime experiences, mix them in with our hearts desire, together with our old dog for the long road approach and we are on our way to new beginnings.

This is the dawning of a new digital era. If you are prepared to learn and focus on an online business of your choice, you can be on your way to financial freedom in six months to a year. And you and I both know, that length of time for us is a drop in the ocean.

Position yourself in front of growing digital trend. Focus and harness the power of the web. This is the new "Gold Rush". As a baby boomer myself, I look at this trend as a golden opportunity to start an online business with the right head on my shoulders, to do it all over again the right way. To get a second shot at life.

Source by Annette C O'Leary-Coggins

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A Day Devoted to Your Daddy

Every dad deserves a special day all of their own and Fathers Day offers the perfect opportunity! A good dad can be an easy person to take for granted; they can help you out a lot financially, give you really meaningful help advice and help to pick you up when you're feeling down.

Most dads have a really easy going nature and an effortless sense of humor. They're practical, kind and supportive and Father's Day is the perfect time of the year to show them how much you care about them.

Imagining Fatherhood

Put yourself in your father's shoes for a few moments. Imagine yourself as a child. He picked you up and hugged you, maybe he saved you piggy backs, maybe he helped to you learn to ride your bike, to play football, to learn to swim or to ascend the tree at the bottom of the garden. He was and is a tower of strength and integrity and he works hard and knows what helps him to relax.

Key in to his way of thinking and you'll soon be inspired and come up with plenty of very personal ways to spend Fathers Day with your daddy. Does he love gardening? Is he mad about footie? Does he cook a mean curry?

Pick out a few things which you know your dad adores, think back to times that have made him laugh or appeared to really move him. For Fathers Day you can draw from a whole lifetime of experience and it will help you to plan a party, pick a pub (or restaurant) and most importantly choose his Father's Day gifts.

Picking Perfect Presents

Choose gifts which say something to your dad on Father's Day, not just useful things or boring old standards. Men do certainly prefer useful things such as tools or new golf clubs but you can add heartfelt messages to them too.

For example, you could write something special in a Father's Day card to go with a pair of new secateurs or get him a personalized football shirt or special print. The more original your gift the more impressed he'll be, so try to stay away from generic Father's Day stuff like cigars and chocolates. You can get him something far more thoughtful than that!

If he loves beer, for example, you could get him a really nicely engraved tankard with a message from you. Or if he is mad about science fiction films you could get him a sci-fi wall calendar. Think about him as a person, how he sees his free time and what makes him smile.

Create Lasting Bonds

Father's Day is but once a year, however, through the rest of the year you should still make time and room in your life for your dad so here are some ideas of things you could do together. These are activities you could do any day of the year not just Father's Day and if you make them a regular date you'll get to see your daddy and benefit from his wisdom more often.

You could offer to:

Mow his lawn on a sunny day and share a cider or beer with him when the job is done
Play his favorite game, be it golf, football, chess, bowling or anything else
Take him for a pub lunch or dinner once a week (or fortnightly) to catch up
Buy tickets to a concert for a band that you both love now or you loved growing up
Help out around his house with the DIY or do a spot of painting and decorating
Offer to read the same book as him so you can have a mini book club together
Go and see his favorite genre of film with him at the cinema or a play at the theater
Join a cool club with him such as a real ale, sailing or vintage car club

These are just some ideas of ways to spend quality time with your dad all year round. If you did just one of these or something similar each week then you'd probably be just as close as you were growing up! Some of these also make good ideas for Athletes Day but can be part of your lifestyle easily. Aftermore, if there's something he has been meaning to get around to 'like paint a shed or fill some cracks you could help him to do it as part of his father's day present.

Source by Neil Jontas

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