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An Introduction to Civil War Military Swords

One of the most influential wars the United States ever participated in was the Civil War. Fought on the soil of America, this fierce battle pitted brothers and friends against each other. While firearms had already been invented, the military sword was the weapon of choice when fighting was close and personal. Here are some of the American manufacturers of military swords during the Civil War.

During the civil war, there was a variety of companies that manufactured military swords. These sharp blades were capable of inflating mortal damage, and in the hands of a skilled swordsman, were more lethal than inaccurate rifles and other firearms.

The Ames Company produced military swords from 1832 – 1906. By the conclusion of the Civil War, this company had produced over 200,000 swords. Nathan P. Ames started the company and marked the manufactured blades with NP Ames. After his death, his brother James changed the marks to Ames Mfg. Co.

Swordmaker Christopher Roby was in business from 1861 – 1867. During his six year run, Roby churned out a line of cavalry sabers, musician swords, Non Commissionered military swords and light artillery sabers. When the Civil War came to an end, the company went bankrupt.

The second largest producer of Civil War swords in the United States was Mansfield and Lamb. The company, operating out of Rhode Island, was a textile outlet before the war broke out. Mansfield and Lamb only created one type of military sword – the M1860 saber.

New Jersey based sword maker Emerson and Silver had a five year run from 1860 – 1865. Records have led historians to estimate that the company produced nearly fifty thousand military swords during the war. When the fighting stopped, the company went belly-up.

The Philadelphia based company PS Justice had a catchy name and produced some fine Civil War swords. In 1861 alone, the company produced nearly 14,000 cavalry sabers and over 1,000 artillery sabers.

Tiffany & Co is one of the flagship jewelry stores in modern day New York City. When you walk in and see the amazing assortment of gems it is strange to consider that same company once fashioned military swords for heavy fighting in the Civil War. The company created high-quality officer's swords and two different cavalry sabers.

Source by Mary Murtha

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America, Our America

America the Beautiful, America the Brave, America the Melting Pot, America has been described as all of these things, but which epitaph best describes this great country? Ask any immigrant who has made his or her way here, greeting the Statue of Liberty with cries of joy, and they'd probably tell you that The United States is the land of the free, the home of the brave, the most beautiful site they ever saw, simply because it is the Great Melting Pot.

How many immigrants struggled to reach the shores of the United States, to find their American Dream, huddled aboard the deck of a ship, packed like sardines with so many others just like themselves? Different people and different families from disparate regions and different countries, all with one common goal, one thought in mind. Let me reach the shores of the United States where I will find opportunity, where I can build a better life for myself and my family, where I can pursue liberty and freedom. While every immigrant has a different story and takes a different path to America, there is a single reason that so many people have struggled to reach these hallowed shores for so long, and that reason is what makes this country so unique and so great.

The United States is and has been anylum for millions of people who have suffered around the world, at the hands of their own Governments, at the hands of oppressors, and at the hands of cruel fate and hardship. It is fitting that the United States greets so many immigrants at Ellis Island in New York with the grand sight of the Statue of Liberty waiting in the mouth of the New York Harbor, a welcome sight for weary eyes, because America itself has always been a safe harbor in an endless storm of global uncertainty.

But why do they come HERE and how does this make America so great? James Truslow Adams coined the phrase "The American Dream" in the 1931 novel, Epic of America. This term has come to symbolize the ideals of freedom, democracy, opportunity, and the potential to realize material comfort. While we native Americans take our liberties and opportunities for granted, even with a sense of entitlement in this day and age, to many people around the world who have suffered at the hands of tyranny, it offers all that they could ever hope for, a chance. America has come to represent hope to many who simply want a chance to succeed. Through great effort and often under much duress, millions of people have found their way to the shores of America, perhaps not so much to realize the American Dream, but to simply have a chance at realizing it. They come here not so much looking for easy street, but looking for a fair opportunity to earn a better life, and that has been key to the greatness of America over the years.

We're not a perfect nation, and we've had plenty of trials and tribulations over the years, but as a nation, we persevere and we prevail, for the very reason we attract so many people, because we're free to be who we are, therefore we are diverse. It is our diversity and our desire to be ourselves that unites us with such a strong common bond. We are now a nation made of many great cultures, of many great ideals and religions, and it is this diversity and sense of earned liberty, provided to us by our forefathers and all of the immigrants that have united here to build this great nation, that gives us the strength to prosper and grow. That's why I believe we, as a nation, can get though any crisis, we always have before, and we'll get through this current fiscal crisis that we face now.

We are the land of the free, the home of the brave, and we are the Melting Pot, when we lose sight of that fact from time, all we need do is look at that great lady standing tall above the New York Harbor, as so many of our ancestors have done before us and as so many new Americans still do today. She's still a sight for sore eyes, still the embodiment of hope and freedom, still the symbol of the American Dream, and she'll stand strong and remind the world of this fact for many years to come.

Source by Miriam B Medina

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Will Bleach Kill Warts? Is This True Or Not?

I've heard about a lot of barbaric methods used to get rid of warts. When I read about someone trying to use bleach, I personally felt that this was a strange thing to do and that it probably would not work. Neverheless, it does work if you do it correctly. I will be explaining how to do it in a fashion that will increase your success rate with it. Just imagine how much money you save since you can perform this treatment at home instead of paying for a dermatologist to do several freezing sessions on a wart.

Clean the area where wart is located thoroughly:

In order to reduce the chance of infection setting in during the performance of this procedure, make sure that you wash the area just by using plain soapy water and drying it thoroughly. It's not necessary to scrub away, you just want to remove any bacteria that may be on the surface of your skin.

Now scrape off the top layer of your wart that has been moistened during the washing process:

You can simply use a pumice scraper to get rid of the dead skin cells that are on the surface of your wart. This will be easier than it looks since the surface of it has been softened by the washing process.

Soak a Q-tip in chlorine bleach:

Simply submerge the end of a Q-tip into a small container of chlorine bleach. Now apply the end of it onto the surface of your wart that you would like to kill off. Try to hold it in place for at least 5 seconds so that it has a chance to soak into the lower level of the wart.

You may feel a little bit of pain, but that will subside quite quickly.

Cover the surface of the wart that has been treated with the bleach with a simple bandage:

Now you will need to protect your wart from being scratched or being manipulated at all while it is in the process of dying off to avoid infection.

Simply add a small bandage to your wart to protect it. Try to avoid peeking underneath the bandage from time to time and also avoid scratching the wart even if you experience an itching sensation.

Repeat the last two steps three times a day:

You might have to repeat the above process 2 to 3 times a day for around a week until the wart has started to shrink in size. It will become smaller and smaller and then it should eventually break apart and disappear entirely.

Source by Jeff Warren

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Beat the System – How to Win Pick 3

A good lotto strategy is what every player focuses on building. After all, lotto is basically a game of chance and numbers. If you are the type of person who spends a couple of dollars a week on lotto and never wins, you may wonder if there are ways on how to win Pick 3.

YES, there are ways.

This is not synonymous to cheating. Rather, let us use the term “strategizing”. Lotto may be a game of chance but since there are numbers involved, you can always use math. And mind you, it doesn’t take a math genius to win Pick 3.

Lotto players are often fond of picking random numbers, drawing them from the back of their minds, linking them to different experiences. Well, with this strategy on how to win pick 3, you are sure to increase your chances of winning and decrease your time guessing which numbers will come up.

The Pick 3 system is basically picking 3 numbers from 0-9. That’s ten numbers that give you a 1:1000 chance of winning. Not much of a chance, right?

Don’t get too downhearted. There are certain measures you can employ to make sure that your chances of picking the right set of numbers are actually increased. The Pick 3 lottery betting system is so easy to use that you can use it repeatedly. It is what it is— an amazing investment that you won’t regret spending your money on once you start winning those numbers.

It is a tried and tested betting system that has actually been proven to work. People have actually won using the Pick 3 lottery betting system. Of course, you can’t win without knowing the basics of the game itself, right?

There are a thousand possible combinations for the Pick 3. Possible bets include straight, 3-way box, 6-way box, front pair, back pair, 3-way combination, 6-way combination, straight and box 3-way, and straight and box 6-way.

Let me let you in on a little secret. It’s all about the 6-way box, that’s how to win pick 3. Now, with the Pick 3 lottery betting system, once you’ve selected your numbers, be sure to keep playing these same numbers until you win.

Lottery is a game of chance as much as it is a game of numbers. You do the math using the lottery betting system and you’re sure to be jumping up and down with joy soon because you know how to win pick 3.

Source by Russel Thompson

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Why Are Chandeliers So Expensive?

There has long been a belief that chandeliers add a sense of class and sophistication to a home that cannot be achieved with any other sort of lighting fixture. And it is true that they are very aesthetically pleasing in a classical sense and form a feature of the space rather than just providing illumination. This has led, however, to a stereotype that only wealthy people can have chandeliers in their homes. And this may be true, simply for the fact that these fixtures can prove to be a highly expensive investment. But why is this, and what can’t there be cheaper chandeliers available too?


One of the main factors that determine how expensive a chandelier is going to be is what materials have been used in its construction. Some fixtures make use of crystals (Swarovski being a popular choice) to make them appear more elegant and extravagant but, as crystals aren’t overly cheap, this really bumps up the price of the finished chandelier. Likewise, a fixture that makes use of an expensive silk fabric is going to be worth much more than one that uses a standard blend that you could buy in any store.


Another of the factors that plays a role in how expensive a chandelier is going to be is its size. It makes sense that a mini fixture is going to be considerably cheaper than one that would be at home in a ballroom, especially as the size of the chandelier is directly proportional to the type and amount of materials that are used in its creation. If a mini chandelier is made out of crystal, however, and a much larger one out of wrought iron, logic dictates that the smaller could prove to be more expensive.


The final factor that determines how expensive a chandelier is going to be is who designed it. If you are looking at a fixture that has been created by one of the leading lighting designers in the world, you would expect to pay a pretty penny for it. If you have found one in one of your regular department stores, however, you would expect to pay much less.

At the end of the day, there actually are cheaper chandeliers on the market – you just have to know where to look and what you’re looking for. When you take into account the materials, size and designer of a particular fixture, you should be able to tell whether you are getting a bargain buy or not. The next time you visit a lighting showroom, take a walk around and look at each detail of the chandeliers on show to find one that you can afford.

Source by Jack Dowson

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Cardiovascular System Diseases – Treatment and Prevention

Cardiovascular disease, along with various cancers rank among the first death factors in the modern world. Cardiovascular system problems from year to year affect a growing number of young people. In order to prevent a terrible trend you are given information about the main types of diseases. Treatment of cardiovascular diseases is mainly to take preventive measures; otherwise it will go under the surgeon's scalpel, as very few diseases treated by medical methods.

Ischemia. Coronary heart disease is a seal or vasoconstriction of the arteries delivered oxygen to the heart. The overwhelming reason for the restriction of blood vessels is atherosclerosis – the gradual process of accumulation of cholesterol on artery walls. Causes of coronary heart disease may also be metabolic, inflammatory and allergic processes and other types of vascular pathology. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of developing coronary disease should first develop proper diet habit.

Treatment of cardiovascular disease Arrhythmia. Irregular heartbeat – random or acceleration (tachycardia – more than 120 beats) heart rate. Arrhythmia can be caused by heart disease (the cardinal reasons), the influence of drugs, smoking, excess alcohol consumption, stress and sedentary lifestyles. To prevent the development of arrhythmias you should go ahead a healthy lifestyle, eating more healthy foods and exercise, which normalize the natural rhythm of the heartbeat – morning exercise and fresh air.

Heart failure – a complex disorder in which the heart pumps blood less than it should. Most likely to occur when fatigue and overload of the heart, or for violation of its blood supply. To avoid the development of cardiovascular disease need to be able to fully rest and recover.

Heart defects (congenital or acquired) a structural change in the ventricle, atrium, valve or the main vessels of the heart, blood circulation in the body or the heart. Causes of congenital heart disease (occurring before birth) person is not fully understood, but much can be caused by viral diseases, overweight, drug use, alcohol by the mother during pregnancy. Acquired heart often develops as a result of diseases – rheumatic fever, sepsis, atherosclerosis, syphilis. Unfortunately heart disease is one of those for cardiovascular disease for which there is not one hundred percent of preventive measures which reduce the likelihood of disease. Treatment of heart disease as congenital or acquired, in most cases is only possible during surgery.

For more rare cardiovascular diseases include cardiomyopathy (disease of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the tissues surrounding the heart). A cause of cardiomyopathy associated with genetic diseases, but for sure is not known. Pericarditis can cause infections (viruses, bacteria, rickettsia, fungi, protozoa), rheumatism, joint diseases, autoimmune diseases, myocardial infarction, renal failure, radiation, cancer, parasites.

Source by Mathew Woods

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A Nation at Risk – North American Power Grid Security

“With adversaries’ malware in the National Grid, the nation has little or no chance of withstanding a major cyberattack on the North American electrical system. Incredibly weak cybersecurity standards with a wideopen communications and network fabric virtually guarantees success to major nation-states and competent hacktivists. This [electric power] industry is simply unrealistic in believing in the resiliency of this Grid subject to a sophisticated attack. When such an attack occurs, make no mistake, there will be major loss of life and serious crippling of National Security capabilities”.,

From White Paper: Security in the North American Power Grid – A Nation at Risk, George Cotter former Chief of Staff, National Security Agency.

If the above quote doesn’t send shivers down your spine, then at least consider the source. There is no more qualified that George Cotter. Not only is Mr. Cotter the former NSA Chief of Staff but he also served as its chief scientist and twice as head of its technology division.

Let’s study the quote a little more closely. Mr. Cotter starts by pointing out that adversaries of the United States already have inserted their virus malware into our national power grid. In other writings by Mr. Cotter he makes it clear that China, Russia and Iran are the chief culprits. North Korea lurks but is not yet in the same league as the first three.

He goes on to point out our nation has little to no chance of withstanding a major cyberattack on our electrical grid system. The United States has a three part grid: east, west and Texas. The weakest links are the smaller power companies. All three grids are interconnected. Affect one power company and the potential exists to take down a third of the nation or more for weeks if not months.

Let’s think for a moment how wide open the communications system is n the United States. The internet, phone, cable and satellite systems all touch our lives on a daily basis. All are powered by electricity. Add a bad actor into the mix with motive, opportunity, expertise and the patience to execute a plan and you have the recipe for what is likely going to happen. The only question remains, will it happen today or in ten years? It’s hard to imagine it taking another ten years!

Cotter’s last comment that this will be a crippling event complete with major loss of life is especially sobering. Again, remember who Cotter is. He knows of what he speaks. 99.9% of Americans have enough food and water to last 2-3 days. 50% might have enough food and water to last a week or two. But then what? Society starts to break down as people scramble for what they need to stay alive. Those that have the food and water stored will quickly be in protection mode. The government is simply going to be missing for a while.

All the above is scary. However, to the extent you do three things starting today will be the extent to which you lower your stress level and begin to put in place a plan to survive. First, you must have a survival plan. Second, begin to put your survival knowledge to practice. Third, begin building a cache of materials needed to survive. This need not cost thousands. Much can be acquired on a month by month basis starting with the most important first. When that day comes, you’re either going to be prepared or not. Taking reasonable steps now will pay big dividends in the months and years to come.

Source by JW Goddard

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What Are The Perfect Gifts For Single Moms?

Single moms, like the rest of us, enjoy receiving gifts. Whether it is Christmas, a birthday, Mother's Day, or a gift as a token of love, gifts have a special place in their lives. Some of them may joy musical gifts such as ballerina music boxes, musical jewelry boxes, wooden keepsake boxes, and other music boxes. However, not just any type of gift will do! They are certain types of gifts that single moms will appreciate more than others. Let's discover what they are.

First, here is what to avoid: buying hats, scarves, expensive bottles of perfume, and other pricey items other than they are items she truly desires. Some people think these types of gifts will be greatly appreciated since she could not afford them herself. For the most part, this is not the case. Most single mothers will, of course, be gracious. However, in their heads they are probably thinking, "I could have used the money it cost for this gift to pay my car payment or get my car tuned up!"

Seriously, what are the perfect gifts for single mom's? Many times it is simple as just taking some of the stress and pressure off. They need someone to take the kids for a few days so they can rest, nap, get a manicure, or spend time with a girlfriend.

What would really make her happy is for someone to pay her electric bill for one month. What would make her smile is to give her a babysitting coupon for a few Saturday nights. She really would like to relax and have special mom time by someone taking the kids for a day or weekend. These types of thoughtful gifts single moms' love.

If a single mom has participated in activities that would invoke special memories with family and friends, and there are lots of pictures that have been taken, gifts such as a scrapbook of memories, or a video of these special events would bring a smile to her face.

If you have a number of single mom's for friends, you'll notice a common thread. They may not need help and would not ask, but if help is received, it would mean so much to them. So, instead of giving expensive and pretty gifts, thoughtfully about what would make life just a little easier. What would take some of the pressure off and bring relief? These types of gifts are the perfect gifts for single moms!

Copyright 2006 Monique Hawkins

Source by Monique Hawkins

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Where and How to Get Cash For iPhones

With many of us upgrading or replacing our mobile technology nowadays it is a great benefit to be able to receive cash for our old, used or broken iPhones – and the services that offer cash for iPhones has become a larger field than ever before. This means that before we go rushing off to get cash for our iPhone, in any condition it is advisable to be sure that we will be receiving the best service and the best cash payment available. With this in mind the following guidelines will help you identify what websites are offering a good service and which are offering a great service when it comes to receiving cash for old iPhones.

When you are looking to get cash for an iPhone there are several factors to consider beyond the amount of cash you can get paid for your iPhone. Firstly, you want to select a site that is trustworthy and professional in the service they provide. This can be verified in several ways such as previous client testimonials or the display of associations such as VeriSign upon the site. Being offered a great cash payment for your old, used or broken iPhone only really counts if it comes from a trustworthy source, so this factor is as vital as seeking the highest payment available.

Another factor to consider is the timeframe for the transaction of cashing in your iPhone. Some companies again may offer great payments, but these are no good if they are delayed by several weeks. Opting for a site that releases your cash on the day of receiving your iPhone is always a good option, and utilizing the service of a company that offer electronic payments in the form of PayPal is a great option. Remembering these three main factors will undoubtedly set you in good stead for a great deal when you cash in your old iPhone. Trust, Speed and ultimately the final payout are the three key elements, then there are other personal preferences for you to select from also.

Taking a moment to find a site that offers the above as well as a professional, yet friendly service, an easy to navigate website and a super customer service team that will endeavour to answer any and all of your questions before and after the deal will also add to the experience of you turning an old iPhone into cash. The internet has exploded with sites offering cash for your old electronics trades, but hunting through these to find the market leaders can provide you with a host of additional benefits.

Source by Mark Grey

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Dealing With a Co-Worker Who Has a Negative Attitude

Not long ago, I began working for a trust and estate lawyer who needed help with his filing system. Also employed by him was a paralegal that had been working for him for over 10 years. Her life torn apart by stage four cancer and the destructive effects of chemotherapy, she’d become a shell of her self. Coupled with a history of bullying, near obesity, chronic pain and memory loss, she suffered from low self-esteem and a powerful sense of worthlessness.

Dealing with someone who had been through so much pain in her life was no simple task. I was often subjected to her nasty retorts and sometimes unprovoked verbal harassment. Time and time again I stood there wondering what could cause someone to be so confrontational and defensive. I knew there had to be some strong underlying reason.

Knowing I would have to work with her for an unknown period of time, I made it my mission to understand her and hopefully someday help her feel more comfortable with herself. I knew I wasn’t a therapist, but I did know I had to take a soft approach in order to gain her confidence. She was a tough cookie to crack but eventually I would come to understand the reason for her negative ways.

There was no secret approach; no special formula in which I would implement. I simply listened and asked questions. I was genuinely interested in her story. Before I reached that point in our relationship, I was always on the defensive. I was careful not to insult what seemed like a fragile persona, and I was quick to apologize when something appeared to come off a tad insensitive. I was quick to defend myself at times when the situation called for it, and I made sure to point out why I was doing so. As you may have suspected, the first few months were an adjustment for my co-worker as she’d never been put in her place for comments and temper tantrums that she directed at me that seemed unjust and uncalled for. We constantly argued – it seemed like our relationship was fraying at the seems, and in a sense it was. To get better though, it had to get worse.

My relationship with my co-worker suffered a few more setbacks, but I had already paved the way for better times. I’d asserted my unwillingness to acquiesce to her negativity and somehow I’d formed a bond with her. I’d understood her, I was always nice to her, even in times of pure frustration – I never once gave up the hope that some day I might understand her better. Above all, I listened.

Compassion goes a long way when dealing with difficult people. Although my particular case was a little out of the ordinary, I learned a lot. Having this mentality helped me grow as a person and allowed me to be more understanding of people in predicaments we may not always see on the surface. Sometimes a little effort goes a long way.

Source by John C Gallagher

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