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How to Write a College Entrance Essay

There are thousands of books and articles with suggestions and tips on how to write a college entrance essay. Why write one more article on this topic? Well, the increase of competition for better colleges boosts the role of essays. Beside, fashion changes with the time flow. Old approaches and tricks do not impress announcement officers. Therefore, this article will briefly stay upon some current critical aspects of successful essay writing.

To write a college entry essay effectively, it is necessary to accomplish two goals:

  1. Show a college admission officer that you are going to be a worthy student.
  2. Demonstrate your preparation for college-level work.

To accomplish these goals you should:

  • Write about something you know well, something that actually happened to you and changed you in a positive way. A reader of your essay should gain favorable impression about you, so that he likes you.
  • Choose a topic that interests you and shows your academic abilities. It could be a good idea to use a story you told your friends that kept their attention.
  • Avoid "global", "clever" and popular topics unless you have something really new and fresh to tell about them. Otherwise, whatever you write will look like repeating common thoughts and ideas. Remember that your story should have a sound plot and be entertaining.

Undoubtedly, choosing a good topic is important to write a wrought college entrance essay, but without engaging writing style your paper will be dull and tedious. Try to give specific and even naive details. It will make your story livelier and win the favor of college admissions officers. The flow of your essay should be smooth and logical. Overall, avoid passive voice; it is more appropriate in scientific papers. Keep the sentences short and unambiguous. Do not try to seem smart and clever, be yourself. Use synonyms instead of repeating the same words, except you deal with science. Avoid using standard phrases and clichés.

Structure your Essay in a Proper Way:

  1. Introduction is a very important element of a college entrance essay. It should give the main idea of ​​your essay, entice the interest of the readers, and create an intrigue. Often, it is easier to write the introduction at the end.
  2. In the body of your college entry essay, show the ability to prove your point. Avoid ambiguity, skepticism, and uncertainty. Stick to the idea given in the introduction and develop it with the help of vivid and specific facts, events, quotations, examples, and reasons. Everything you write must be aimed at proving a single point or thesis.
  3. Conclusion presents an opportunity to give final arguments in support of the thesis. It should create a lasting impression and accomplish two goals of the college admissions essay.

Admissions officers, counselors, and teachers agree that the most important criteria to write personal college entrance essays are correctness, organization, specific evidence, and an individual style. Do your best to show that you are good at all that and good luck with your admission to college!

Source by Eugene Stanne

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Proofreading Tool – Tips on Grammar Writing Correction Solutions!

Proofreading Tool solutions were designed to enhance the basic editing and proofreading functionalities of conventional word processors. We use writing in order to express our thoughts, ideas, or communicate with our business partners for example, helping us on achieving our goals. Want to know more about "personal" proofreading tools? Read the following review.


Proofreading Tool helps on building, correct phrasing and rephrasing our English sentences so they become accurate, clean, and fluent. Correcting your grammar writing is not that easy, it requires advanced NLP technology (Natural Language Processing), huge databases, and smart analyzing engines. This advanced technology offer the following: analyzing our grammar writing construction suggesting proper corrections as well as checking for correct spelling and punctuation.

Important benefits

Do we really need it? Well, let's examine what is in it for us:

– Saving on proofreading and editing costs such as hiring proofreading services or professional editors.

– Automatically identify sentences construction problems that may have been missed during a manual proofreading.

– Improving sentence construction with correct grammar and punctuation.

Extra research on this solution would probably bring up additional benefits that are not mentioned here, as this solution keeps improving, bringing us fresh solutions that help us on improving our English writing and editing skills.


Proofreading Tool is helpful for those who use conventional word processors and other text editors. Can this technology provide better results than a human proofreader? Probably not, but it helps with common grammar and punctuation proofreading. We can only expect this innovative technology to further develop itself, for one simple reason: writing is among the most significant tools that help us with almost any aspect in life.

Source by Gil Lavitov

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How To Satisfy Women In Bed

Understanding how to please your woman takes time and patience to master and is more of an art than anything. Getting her in the mood with certain maneuvers and simple techniques, will put her that much closer to the overall goal, making her cum! Follow the steps below, once you learn the proper techniques you will be amazed by how much you are worshiped by your woman. There are a few simple steps to accomplish and I will give you a rough overview of each, by identifying them and explaining their importance.

Setting the mood

The important thing to realize is that your woman is looking at the whole picture and not just the act itself. Setting the mood is crucial if you expect a pleasure filled evening. You could set out some candles or even lay out an assortment of her favorite chocolates.


This is a no-brain-er yet most men are clueless on it. You had better have a plan for some good foreplay if you expect to get anywhere. You may know the basics, but it can take time to figure out what your woman really enjoys. If you can find out what that is and do it correctly, then you will be a god to her.

Oral sex

This is when you get down to business. Oral sex is by far the most preferred sex act for a woman. If you expect to properly please your woman, then you had better know how to stimulate her with your tongue. Practice various methods that include nibbling, licking and sucking the clitoris. Her body will tell you when you are doing it right.

A great guide to help you learn how to orally please your woman is a new eBook called “Lick by Lick,” written by sex and relationship expert Michael Webb. We all know that our woman loves it when we go down on her, but unfortunately, we aren’t all that good at it. If you are looking to become a tongue expert, then you should get this book.

You not only need to know how to lick, but also need to know what to lick, when to lick it and for how long. It’s not just “licking”, and there is more to it than you could ever imagine. You will learn everything you need to know to become an expert at cunnilingus and send your woman into orgasmic orbit.

Source by Taylor Grey

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13 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Cost Less Than 1 Cent

1. In the morning, tuck a love note in his pocket or her pocketbook or other certain-to-be-found spot. Jot down some meaningful words on a piece of paper – “Can’t wait to wrap my arms around you tonight!”; “What’s for ‘dessert’?”; “You make me happy every day!” – and tuck it in a conspicuous location to be easily discovered during the day.

2. Take a 15-minute break during work just to call and say “I love you.” (You can text message or email, too.) Keep the conversation 100% positive. This means that any discussion about bills appointments, children, chores, problems, etc., is off limits.

3. Sprinkle 3 compliments throughout the day. In our fast-paced world, we tend to neglect some of the simplest ways to make each other feel good. During the day, think of a few sincere compliments to give your mate. They are probably right in front of you, but you just fail to verbalize them. Today is the day!

4. Let go of grudges and replace them with forgiveness. Anger is a wasteful emotion and saps us of a lot of emotional energy. Besides, most of the things we get angry about with our partner are petty. Flush away the negative thoughts and memories that are driving a wedge between you and your mate. Then, use the freed-up energy on ways to strengthen and enhance your relationship.

5. Enjoy the great outdoors. Together, go for a walk, jog or bike ride. Depending on weather conditions and where you reside, go ice skating or roller-blading. Do whatever outdoor activities you both take pleasure in (and that are free).

6. Make a creative dinner together. Gather food items from the refrigerator, freezer and pantry. Create a delicious meal – and some interesting concoctions – using ingredients you already have at home. Dine slowly and savor the cuisine as well as each other’s company.

7. Never, ever, miss a good chance to shut up. Every comment doesn’t need a retort. Every issue doesn’t need another opinion. Speak up when it’s important. Keep your lips zipped when it isn’t. What you don’t say is often as important as what you do say.

8. Express appreciation for the things he/she does for you. In established relationships, we tend to live in the mode of “automatic pilot.” You cover certain responsibilities and your mate has designated responsibilities. Doing them is part of nurturing the relationship, signs of thoughtfulness and caring. When was the last time you said “thank you”?

9. Break the mold by creating new routines and habits. Behavior can become so predictable that the relationship is monotonous. This isn’t a sign of failure, but rather, it’s time to make some changes. Change can be invigorating. Sit down together and brainstorm all the crazy, absurd and ridiculous ideas each of you can think of to modify old patterns. Then review your list and identify those that are useful, creative solutions to spice up the partnership.

10. Start a “couple” tradition. Traditions add excitement to a relationship and keep the two of you connected. They also serve as an anchor and provide “glue” for the union to remain sturdy when the going gets rough. On this Valentine’s Day, establish a few traditions that will make your relationship more special year after year after year.

11. Make the homecoming irresistible. Upon arrival home from work, don’t run to set up your computer or pick up the phone to make a few quick calls to take care of loose ends. Instead, embrace your loved with a generous 30-second hug. You’ll be amazed at how well a big, warm hug melts away stress and fatigue of the day.

12. Have a 15-minute kissing session and try some new ways and places to kiss. The same old smoocheroo can get boring. Use your imagination…and perhaps a little whipped cream.

13. Before falling asleep in bed together, share some giggles. What funny things happened to you today? What not-so-funny things happened that are worth chuckling about now? For most of us, not a day goes by that we don’t make a silly mistake. What was yours? Laughter is good for you and for the relationship. Share your stories and some laughs. Then hold hands and fall peacefully asleep.

Source by Sheryl Kurland

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How To Make Money When Still Studying

There are many activities that happen when you are in college. A lot of parties, hang outs with your mates and buying books are the sort of expenses you tend to make during your years in college. It gets very difficult to meet all of the necessities with a limited amount of pocket change. But, you must not ever worry as there are a significant number of jobs that you can consider to make space for your expenses. Here are concepts of some part time roles which will make partaking of your favorite activities easy.

Perhaps, the simplest method to earn money while you're still in school is online surveys. As the name implies, these electronic surveys need you to get test filled in by different folk. These surveys may be done to research the positioning of various products in the market or to determine the impending trends. A selected survey may aim at analyzing the common causes of back stiffness. Surf the web and you'll find numerous internet sites that offer you jobs for online surveys. Since you just need to get questionnaires filled in, your study schedule will not be upset.

Next possibility is to work in the junk food joints. It is taken to be the best option for the part timers. The sort of job you would be asked to do would alter from individual to individual; like, you might be at the cash counter or be serving drinks in the bar area. This is one or two hours work and you could use the reminder of the time to study. However you should make certain that you do not consume too much junk food yourself, else you might gain weight. If you are already over weight, you should try using Dietrine Carb Blocker.

The best thing would be to not go out of the college to work. Some schools offer part-time roles in the camp itself. You should make an effort to find out and you'll definitely get stunned to discover numerous job opportunities to fit your requirements. You could be working in the varsity correctory, library or the administrative wing. The right time to watch out for these jobs is the time of acknowledgments.

Working at a care center is another nice choice while you are studying. Places like orphanages and old age homes often need people to work for them. There are often requirements for kids in these places. They'd want you to read out to the aged, play with children or do some everyday chores. They may additionally want you to attend to individuals with spinal injury. This kind of a job would be gratifying and would get you real money too.

Here if you should happen to feel that your pockets are shrinking, you know what to do.

Source by Rosemarie Buanno

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The Best Way to Advertise Your Music Online

If you're in the music industry or trying to break into it you know how important first impressions are. Also, you know how important it is to be seen and heard. The right look can make or break many artists. Now, I would like to ask you a question. What's the last big record you can think of that did not have a music video? If you could think of one, more than probably it was recorded before you were born or you are over 40 years of age. The truth is, if you're song is going to reach the masses it needs a music video.

Nowadays, a video camera is very affordable to get. Many artists are putting out low-budget videos and using the Internet to spread their videos. Do you know that at the time of writing this article, YouTube is ranked the 3rd top website in the world? That is bigger than MSN and Yahoo. When you upload your video to YouTube it has the potential to receive millions of views a day when properly optimized. That's another topic for another day. Also, YouTube allows users to share your video by linking and embedding the video code in their own web-pages. This makes every fan of yours a potential member of your promotion team online and extremely gain you more fans.

Now what happens when an A & R or record executive answers about you through a friend or family member and they see your video? They see you are already serious about your craft, you are already getting views from fans without any or little to no money. With the right financial backing behind your music you can be a huge success.

Online, there are many reviews for good and affordable Hi-Definition cameras, do not set for a camera phone. Remember about the first impression. Also, there are many tutorials online for shooting your scenes in the right lighting. People can not see you in the dark and you will learn how important lighting is when filming. Finally you can find tutorials on how to edit your footage and properly compress it Internet syndication.

Some personal advise I give you is to stay up with what's new but stay true to yourself as an artist and not follow trends. Being unique is absolutely the best virtue an artist can have. When all else fails hire a professional music video production company.

Source by Fillup Banks

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When Did You Last Leave Your Comfort Zone?

It’s a cool September morning and well, the temperature is starting to drop a little and I for one have had to put on a heavier, warmer coat in the mornings!

A few people have started to adjust their thermometers and the lure of cozy afternoons and evenings on the sofa are tempting us.

I woke up this morning full of cold its been approaching for a while, but I thought I could stave it off.

After lazing in bed for much of this morning (a well deserved treat), I came downstairs and threw open the doors to the garden.

I was dreading it – it looked a bit fresh and breezy. It was!!

But – it was exactly what I needed – a nice burst of fresh, cool air, which helped to clear my head and cleanse my airways.

This got me thinking along a different line.

We sometimes worry that we are sitting of the edge of a precipice about to take a step into something that scares us.

Sometimes the things we fear or dread the most, are the very same things that will re-energise us, change our mindset, or even change our lives.

So this prompted me to do some more thinking, as well as help you consider some questions that you can ask yourself to understand what, if anything might be holding you back through fear of the unknown.

As a coach, this is a main theme that my clients come to me with, so with this in mind here are some points for you to consider.

Thinking about life as you know it, right now, this second….

  • What is worrying you, or niggling you?
  • Are you fearful of anything?
  • How is this currently holding you back?
  • Recognise how it feels to be comfortable and safe (your comfort zone), what’s going through your mind?
  • Consider how it might feel to take a small step outside of your comfort zone to confront your fears, worries or niggles?
  • What would that one small step be if you were to take it?
  • Picture yourself having the courage to take that step – what is that like?
  • Now step back into your comfort zone – what is that like?

Was it as bad as you thought? You know, one small step outside of your comfort zone each day can make a big difference to your confidence, self esteem and attitude. Once we start to feel stretched, it gets exciting and if you are doing it for yourself, you will really enjoy the feeling of empowerment you gain.

Source by Amie Crews

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When You Love Yourself, You Let Others Off the Hook

Frequently, when I start to work with a new client, they believe that loving their self is selfish. Nothing could be further from the truth. A more accurate definition of selfish is expecting others to give themselves up and do for you what you can and need to be doing for yourself.

Letting Others Off The Hook

How are others let off the hook when you love yourself? Let us count the ways!

– Others do not need to read your mind when you are meeting many of your own needs, and asking outright when there is something you need help with.

– Others do not need to hold back, be careful, or walk on eggshells when you are taking care of your own feelings.

– Others can receive great joy in giving to you when they do not feel obligated.

– Others can speak their truth when they know that you are open to learning and wanting to grow. They can be honest when they know that you will deal with your own feelings rather than blame them.

– Others are free to take loving care of themselves when they know you are doing the same, and that you support them in their highest good as part of being loving to yourself.

– Others can be spontaneous with you, knowing that if they 'make a mistake' you will take responsibility for your own feelings about it.

– Others feel free to be with you because they want to, not because they feel they have to.

– In a primary relationship, your partner will likely feel attracted to you when you are coming from your power rather than your fear. If your partner feels obliged to have sex with you because you have made him or her responsible for your happiness and sense of worth, your partner is likely to feel resistant to sex with you.

– Laughter, fun and play flow spontaneously when either person feels responsible for the other's feelings, or fees obliged to spend time, give approval or have sex.

– Each person feels free to pursue their passion and purpose, knowing that their partner is taking care of themselves and not waiting for the other person to make them happy.

Loving partners are about learning, growing, and sharing love and companionship. They are not about taking responsibility for making the other person feel happy, safe, secure or validated. Paradoxically, when you fully take on the responsibility of making yourself feel happy, safe, secure and validated, a loving relationship supports and enhances these wonderful feelings. But when you expect your partner to do this for you, then your self-abandonment creates your misery, insecurity and lack of self-worth. As long as you are abandoning yourself and expecting your partner to do for you what only you can do for yourself, your partner's love will never be enough to give you the happiness, safety, security and sense of worth that you seek.

Loving Yourself Means ….

– Attending, moment-by-moment, to your own feelings, so that you know immediately when you are abandoning yourself with self-judgment, addictions, staying in your head, or making someone else responsible for you.

– Compassionately opening to learning about your own fears and beliefs that may be causing your self-abandonment, and open to learning about what it means to be present and loving to yourself in the face of life's challenges.

– Exploring your limiting beliefs and resulting behavior that may be causing your painful feelings.

– Opening to your higher self for information about the truth regarding your beliefs, and the loving action towards yourself.

– Taking loving action in your own behalf, based on truth rather than false, limiting beliefs.

– Evaluating how you feel as a result of taking loving care of yourself.

This is a brief outline of the Six Steps of Inner Bonding, which is a powerful process for learning how to love yourself!

Source by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

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How to Know When to Visit a Rheumatologist

Most people think that a rheumatologist only treats rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, Eugene, OR rheumatologists treat more than 200 types of diseases including autoimmune diseases like lupus, arthritis, and osteoporosis. Because many types of diseases associated with rheumatology are hard to identify, especially in the early stages, a rheumatologist may work along with other types of doctors in order to provide better diagnosis and treatment for patients.

Look for These Signs and Symptoms

Persistent pain and swelling of the joints lasting more than two weeks is probably the most obvious sign that a visit to the doctor is needed. Joints that become swollen and red in color, or joints that feel warm may be indicative of inflammation in the tissue. Loss of motion or decreased ability to move joints, reduced range of motion, and tenderness or pain that gets worse or more intense with increased activity or movement may also be a sign that it's time to schedule an appointment with a rheumatologist.

A visit to one's personal physician is a good first step in the right direction. Discuss any symptoms, pains, or problem areas which may indicate the possibility of any rheumatoid-related conditions. Ask your doctor to order a blood test that will rule out any type of rheumatoid arthritis. The doctor will help in making a decision to see a rheumatologist or not. Be sure to contact the health insurance provider and get a referral for specialists in the surrounding area.

What to Expect on the First Visit

The rheumatologist will likely want to gather as much information as possible and initiate a detailed patient history. Prepare by making a list of the types of pains, aches, or changes noticed. The doctor will want to know when the symptoms began, how long they rented, and what effect they have on daily life, work, or other activities. The doctor will also want to know about family history, specifically if any other family members have had rheumatoid arthritis or any similar condition. The more the doctor knows about the patient, the better they can diagnose and provide proper treatment

Once a proper diagnosis is made, the rheumatologist can better explain the nature of a particular condition and what can be expected of future treatments. Most treatment programs will likely include some sort of treatment program designed to help with pain management, increasing range of motion, and reducing any inflammation. As with any medical treatment, early diagnosis is vital in order to help patients regardless of the best possible outcome. Check your local listings for Eugene, OR rheumatologists.

Source by Jeremy P Stanfords

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When is the Right Time to Move From Free Poker Rooms to Real Money Poker Rooms?

Knowing when the proper time to move from free poker rooms to real money poker rooms is a critical question and one that any poker player should ask, in order to evaluate themselves and their abilities.

So when is the right time to make this critical move? One of the best indicators of your game is the level of confidence you have playing in the free poker rooms. If you really sat down and thought about it, asking the tough questions like am I ready ?, you would be able to ascertain if you're ready or not.

Ask yourself these questions in regards to your game in the free poker rooms, bearing in mind that you want to be playing in the real money poker rooms. Remember, what you're talking about here is your current level of play. Be honest with yourself, as you are the only one who is going to be losing their shirt if you are not truthful.

Are you winning enough hands that you think you would have a decent chance of holding your own in the real money poker sites?

Do you feel that you are well versed in knowing the odds of various card combinations that come up at the table?

In the free poker rooms, are you winning more money than losing?

Do you know what area of ​​your game you need to improve in?

If you can answer all of these questions truthfully, then you should know if you are ready to move on from the free poker rooms to the real money poker rooms.

Did you know that many online poker players just like you, earn enough from playing poker to pay their monthly mortgage payment? Find out how by following the link below.

Source by Matt Ide

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