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How Long Do You Have to Ignore a Guy Before He Misses You! Here is What You Should Be Doing

It kills women all over the world to always be the one to tell the guy she misses him. And what’s a guy’s usual reaction? He seems to be untouched by it. Women always ask why they always have to be the ones looking desperate. Can the tables be turned? Here are some “hold off” tactics that you can do in order to make this guy miss you terribly:

Appear too busy to answer his calls or e-mails

Whenever he calls, let the call go to voice mail then listen to him as he stammers his hello. Get busy with something else. Do not reply to his text messages as well. Try your best to keep your silence. This won’t be difficult, especially if you know that eventually, he would go crazy and would show up right at your doorstep.

Do not make yourself available each and every time

Each time he asks you to go out, tell him you already have plans. The next time he asks you out again, tell him you have a date with your girlfriends. Play your role to a T, make him wonder why you’re not peeing in your pants to see him.

When he leaves a message on your machine, call him back 3 days after

Three days might just be the time you need for him to miss you. Make sure he doesn’t hear from you in those three days. This is the most acceptable time for you to make him wonder why you still aren’t calling and whether you’re alright.

If he is always taking you for granted, ignore him for two weeks

If you are the one who’s always asking him if he wants to go out, or if you are the only one making an effort to make the relationship work, be a no-show for two whole weeks. This would catch him off guard and, hopefully, he’ll be the one to make the effort to be with you once more.

Do not waste your time just waiting for him

You cannot just simply mope around, waiting for your phone to ring. You need to keep yourself busy because waiting around for him wouldn’t do you much good. You could spend your time being with your friends or even working out.

Resist the temptation of getting in touch with him

Try to put in a little more hours on your work. Not only will this keep you from dialing his number but it also would do wonders for your career.

If you want him to miss you, ignore him when you see him around

Whenever you see him around, say in the office or in school, ignore him. For a few days, appear as if you don’t care whether you see him or not. The time apart wherein you two don’t talk should make him miss you.

Source by Krista Hiles

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5 Steps to A Perfect Christmas Tree With Decorations

Tis the season for holiday decorations and nothing is more pivotal to the idea of ​​holiday decorations than the Christmas tree. Whether large or small, faux or fresh, natural or flocked; the tree and all that is associated with it is rightfully considered the heart and soul of holiday decorations.

In my house the main tree (one of 4) is always the last decorative flourish to be put on display. And depending on the social calendar I'm actually fond of leaving this important player for a very special Christmas Eve tree trimming party for my very closest friends and family.

Whenever you put yours up, here are my 5 Steps to A Perfect Christmas Tree With Decorations:

1. While other trees in the house may be faux (yes, the ease is enticing) the main tree, whether placed in the living room or entry hall is always fresh-cut. For the best and freshest tree possible I recommend using a tree farm that will cut and ship directly to your home. See the resources below for sites of highly regarded tree farms that ship The additional cost is offset by the longest lying, most beautiful of trees. If you can not bear not picking out your own tree then pile in the car and make an out out of cutting your own. Local and regional tree farms can be found online. Follow the care instructions exactly for the best results with any tree.

2. The sparkle of lights on a tree adds to the magic that will be your holiday centerpiece. Skimping on these is a mistake you should not make. While I'm partial to white twinkle lights (small white or clear bulbs) interesting effects for specialty tree decoration can be realized using red or blue bulbs. Multi-colored light sets (blue, green, red and white) are available but should be used when a very specific effect is desired. While charming to look at, I stay away from old-fashioned large bulbs. They burn too hot and can be a safety issue.
Make sure you have enough bulbs to cover your tree. I calculate a minimum of 100 bulbs per foot of height. So an 8 'tree should have no less than 800 bulbs (eight strands). Wrap each branch with the light strands, starting close to the trunk and working out toward the tips.

3. Establish a theme for the tree. It can be something simple like a color (all blue and silver decorations) or can be more specific like 'Antique Teddy Bears' or 'Hand-blown Glass' decorations. Your tree decorations can grow, as a collection. from year to year or can be mounted as a single event and then stored, recycled or given away once the tree comes down.

4. Know your sources. If you collect antique tree decorations Tag Sales, Garage Sales, eBay, Craigslist and Auction Houses can be great resources. Keep your eyes open year round. You never know when that box of ornaments will cross your path.

5. Keep the theme strong in each room of the house. You do not want to look like a department store, with everything matching exactly but keeping things related (through theme or color) strengntens the decorating idea. Diluting even the best ideas with too many competitive ideas weaknesses rather than strengntens the whole.

Source by J. Swan

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International Moving Company – What You Need to Take Note Of

Most international moving companies are more than enthusiastic about helping out their customers as they move from one country to another. These moving services usually inform you the necessary things you need to know as long as you ask them openly. Since you are the customer, you have to be in charge of your marriages and prioritize your safety before anything else. If you do not ask questions, you can never guarantee that your move will go as smoothly as you anticipated. Some people have learned this the hard way. People who are having problems, such as paying hidden costs and dealing with unexpected delays are those who never bother to know what these companies usually do. So before making a phone call, consider some of these points before moving.

Moving is a big business that constantly expands. Even though more and more movers are starting their own companies, it is still best to stick to those who know their marbles well. Experience is a self-evident character which is crucial for every customer. The key to having a successful relocation is to have an experienced international mover to do the job right. For example, they should be very familiar to the place you are relocating to so that shipment of your belongings can be done on time.

International movers should also be flexible. Each client has their own need which is why versatility is a must. Reliable international movers also provide their customers with several alternatives prior to relocation which are often feasible and cost-effective. Make sure that the mover is willing to work with what you have and what you need.

All international moving services work in different ways and some movers may not provide brokering systems to some clients. For this reason, it is essential to find out whether they have in-house customs or they are affiliated with a broker before signing a contract.

Find out if your mover can provide you with storage for your blessings in advance. Most international movers have warehouses where they could gladly keep your belongings for you before the big move. Book a reservation as early as possible to save time and money.

Lastly, know the kind of contract you movers offer you. Read through each of the contracts and know their basic guidelines and terms of service before giving them your consent to move your things. A binding contract will tie them to whatever negotiation you have agreed upon. Take your time to think it over to be sure

Source by Richard Dean Fernandez Basa

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What Are The Cheapest Gold Bullion Coins? Learn How To Calculate Gold Coin Premiums

With the price of gold hitting record highs (almost on a daily basis!) it’s more important than ever to be a smart gold bullion shopper.

Arguably, the most popular gold bullion coin is the American Gold Eagle. The coin has its ownership advantages such as liquidity, worldwide recognition, and a U.S. Government guarantee, for example.

But is it the cheapest gold coin to buy now? Does it have the lowest premium over other popular gold bullion coins?

Read on and find out…

In a gold bull market, your ultimate goal is to own as many units as possible at the peak of the bull market.

In order to do so, you want to purchase the most gold for your money at any given time.

To achieve this goal, you will want to buy the gold coins with the lowest premium (cheapest!) at the time you are making your purchase.

With the large variety of gold bullion coins available for sale, how do you determine which is the cheapest one to buy?

Here’s how you calculate the premiums on gold coins:

  1. First you’ll need the current spot price of gold (the bid price). I like to use an online source such as Kitco. Most bullion dealers will also have the current spot price list on their website.
  2. Next, you’ll need to find out how much each gold coin is selling for over the spot price of gold. Most gold dealers will have this listed on the specific coin page. For example, my favorite bullion dealer is currently quoting a $97.99 over spot for a random date 1 oz American Gold Eagle
  3. Now, calculate the percentage each coin is selling for over spot using the following formula:

Amount Coin Is Selling For Over Spot / (Current Gold Spot Price + Amount Coin Is Selling For Over Spot)

Let’s use the 1 oz American Gold Eagle as an example:

$97.99 / ($1891.60 + $97.99) = 4.9% premium over spot!

The premiums will vary according to the amount of coins purchased and by individual dealers. Right now, the coin with the lowest premium is the South African Gold Krugerrand.

Calculating the formula for each coin on a daily or regular basis can be tedious. You can simplify this by setting up a basic spreadsheet with the formula, listing each coin of interest. Then, you will just need to change the spot price of gold and the individual coin pricing numbers as needed.

If you don’t want to calculate the gold coin premiums yourself but would still like to know what the cheapest gold coins are, on a regular basis, I’ve done the hard work for you!

Source by Chrissie Goldman

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What Colon Cancer Symptoms Are Found During Screening?

Colon cancer is a disease characterized by the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in the colon and the formation of tumors from these cells. Despite the presence of polyps in the human large intestine, presentation of colon cancer symptoms at an early stage is very low. In some cases, it may not even manifest symptoms. Today, colon cancer is the second leading malignancy in the United States and the fourth worldwide. The combination of these facts gives rise to the importance of colon screening methods aimed at determining early stages of colon cancer.

There are a number of screening methods available for colon cancer detection. These tests are done alone or in combination with other tests in order to distinguish colon cancer from other intestinal diseases. Hereunder is a list of these screening and detection procedures.

Digital Rectal Examination

A routine part of physical examination, digital rectal examination (DRE) examines the lower portion of the rectum for tumor and polyp growth. This test is done using a lubricated gloved finger inserted inside the rectum to feel for anomalous growths. This test is also capable in ascertaining prostate cancer in men.

Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT)

The American Cancer Society recommends FOBT to be done yearly in combination with sigmoidoscopy. FOBT is statistically noted as being 24% effective in finding colorectal cancer by itself. There are currently two types of fecal occult blood test, these are the Guaiac FOBT and the Immunochemical FOBT. The Guaiac FOBT utilizes the chemical, guaiac, to detect the presence blood protein hemoglobin in fecal samples by checking for traces of Heme. Heme is an iron-containing component of hemoglobin. Immunochemical FOBT uses antibodies to check stools for human hemoglobin. According to studies, FOBT when performed annually reduces colorectal deaths by about 15 – 35%.


Sigmoidoscopy is a test wherein a lighted instrument, the sigmoidoscope, is inserted into the rectum and lower colon to examine the area. Precancerous, cancerous and other abnormal growths can be detected during this test, and these growths can be removed and biopsied. Statistics show that when done in conjunction with FOBT, the sigmoidoscopy helps in detecting about 76% of colon tumor growths among individuals in the 50s-80s age range.


A colonoscope is a lighted instrument used to examine the colon and rectal area for abnormal growths. During a colonoscopy, abnormal polyps or growths can be traced, removed and biopsied. Colonoscopy can examine areas missed by a sigmoidoscope mainly due to its longer reach. Before colonscopy is performed a thorough cleansing of the colon is carried out and patients are sedated.

Double Contract Barium Enema (DCBE)

In DCBE, air is introduced into the colon and the patient is given an enema filled with barium solution to help outline the colon for an array of x-rays. In conjunction with colonoscopy, DCBE helps in detecting about 30-50 percent of colorectal cancer cases. However, DCBE may miss smaller polyps according to research.

Computerized Tomographic Colonoscopy

As called Virtual Colonoscopy, the test is accomplished with the use of a special x-ray equipment to generate photographs of the colon and rectum at different angles. These photographs are then assembled by a computer to produces an image detailing the large intestine and showing polyp growth and other abnormalities. Like standard colonoscopy, it is necessary to perform a thorough cleansing of the colon. However, since this test is less invasive, it is less discomforting and does not require sedation.

Despite the presence of these tests, it was reported that about 44% of adults within the 50s-80s age group have undergone routine screening raising colorectal cancer incidence. Let us not be afraid to undergo cancer screening, we must realize that early detection is tantamount to survival from cancer.

For further reading about colon cancer detection, treatments, and symptoms read some of material that I have published.

Source by Thomas Cappetta

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My Girlfriend Wants Space – What Does It Mean?

Space… the final frontier. In this case, it might also be the final nail in the coffin of your relationship.

A girlfriend who asks for ‘space’ is looking for something completely different. She might also use the phrase ‘time apart’ or something like ‘slow things down for a while’. But no matter how she says it, what your girl says – and what she actually means – are two entirely different things.

What it Means When Your Girlfriend Wants Time Apart

A breakup is pretty cut and dry. You stop dating, you stop seeing each other, you stop sleeping together. Both of you walk away, on different paths, in different directions, to complete the rest of your lives without each other.

A “break” is much, much different. Any time your girlfriend asks for space, a break, or time ‘off’ from each other, she’s really asking for two things:

1) She wants the freedom to do whatever she wants, without answering to you anymore. And yes, this includes the possibility of her seeing other people.

2) While she does this? Your girlfriend wants you to wait around for her like a complete, total chump.

Yeah, that’s right. You’re supposed to sit around like a good little boy until SHE decides when she’s had enough space. You can’t ask when the break will be over, because she “doesn’t know”. Every time you call or text her she’ll tell you you’re bothering her, and you’re not giving her the ‘space’ she’s asked for.

As time goes on you’ll wonder where she is. You’ll be dying to know the status of your relationship. Are you broken up? Is she seeing someone else? You’ll feel hopeless and powerless, an emotional wreck that can’t even get a status update on whether or not he has a girlfriend.

THIS is what you have to look forward to when you agree to give your girlfriend ‘space’.

What to Do When She Tells You She Wants Time Apart

If your girlfriend wants to take time off from your relationship, you have to call her bluff. It’s that plain, it’s that simple. Anything else you might do, such as agree to throw your relationship into a giant volcano of limbo, is only going to drive her further away… or permanently away, depending on how things go.

She wants time apart? Tell her she can have ALL the time in the world, because you’re not waiting around.

She wants space? Give her so much space your girlfriend starts getting paychecks from NASA.

It’s a simple counter-rejection technique that immediately stops your girlfriend in her tracks and blows up any lame plan she may have had. She sits you down to tell you things are too stifling for her, and she wants some room to breathe (or whatever) and you simply tell her this:

“Yeah, nah, no thanks. I don’t DO the whole ‘time apart’ thing. Either you date me or you don’t. Those are your choices. Because I’m sure as hell not hanging around for some stupid ‘let’s give each other a break’ crap.”

As your girl stands there trying to pick her jaw up off the floor, tell her to take it easy and walk away. BOOM! You’ve just destroyed anything and everything she wanted to do during the ‘break’, because as of this moment, you turned it into a breakup.

Now you’re thinking “this isn’t what I want.” I get that. But you know what? It’s not what SHE wants either. Which is why doing it this way is such an effective tactic. Instead of being defensive, you’ve completely taken the offense. Instead of being subservient to what she wanted, you just reached out and seized all the power.

Why Rejecting the ‘Break’ Always Works

Think about it this way: if your girlfriend wanted to break up with you, she would’ve. She would’ve sat you down and told you it was over, completely and fully, and then she would’ve walked away.

But that’s not what happened. It’s not what she did. Instead of breaking up with you, she told you she wanted ‘time apart’. This is wholly different, and here’s why:

When your girlfriend asks for space it’s because she’s not sure she wants to break up with you. Essentially, she’s giving the breakup a trial run. If she misses you and realizes she still wants you? All she has to do is tell you the ‘time apart’ is over. You come running back, and everything’s the same as always.

If however, during the trial breakup she decides she doesn’t really need you? You’re gone. The relationship is over, and the most evil part of the whole thing: she might not even tell you when it’s over. Your girlfriend might start seeing some other guy, or dating someone else, and rather than have the awkward conversation of “hey, we’re broken up now” she’ll leave you hanging there in relationship limbo wondering when – and if – she’s ever going to come back.

Screw all that.

Rejecting the ‘time apart’ thing works because you’re showing STRENGTH. You’re not laying down and letting her run over you. You’re demonstrating a backbone, and you’re telling her “Hell no, I’m not going to sit around like a chump while you make all the decisions regarding our relationship”. You’d rather lose the entire thing than give her 100% of the power.

So what does your girlfriend see? She sees a guy who’s essentially independent. A guy who might not even need her, at least as much as she thought you did. All of a sudden your happiness doesn’t fully depend on her. Your stock just went up. You just became a hell of a lot more desirable as a boyfriend, and as a MAN.

What to Do if You’re Already on a Break

Now if you’re already on a break? You’re in trouble. Luckily though, you’re not completely lost just yet.

If your girlfriend already put your romance on ice there are instant reversal techniques you can use to immediately switch the situation around. Some of these require contacting your ex, so make sure when you do that you know when to do it, and exactly what to say when you call.

Source by Anthony Malibu

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High Heel Shoes – How to Walk in High Heel Shoes

Wear high heels shoes always make you stand out. When you wearing this kind of shoes you are not only feel taller but also look thinner than usual. Your femininity is unstoppable. However, walking in high heel is not a natural talent-it needs practice and skills. We usually classed it as any heel height over 3 or 4 inches without platform. There are many ways for learning how to walk in these shoes.

1. Wearing your high heel shoes on a flat ground or wearing it around your home at first. After a period of time, you will incrementally adapt to it. You may feel comfortable and even forget you are wearing a pair of high heel shoes. If you wear it for the first time, you had better wear it less than one hour.

2. If you wear it for the first time, you can choose a pair of high platform shoes or high wedge heels. They will give you the comfort and balance. After a period of time, you can try to wear the stiletto heel later, and then you will not feel uncomfortable any more.

3. You can walk in baby steps or slow steps at first. Making sure you will not tumble to the ground. You should find out the most comfortable postures when you walking.

4. Choose the right shoes. Making sure the shoes fit you well. Stiletto high heel shoes are really sexy and full of femininity, but if you pick a little smaller or bigger size; your feet may be hurt badly later.

5. You can choose wide high heels and wide toe shoes that are comfortable and easy to walk in. Pick a style meet your taste and requirements and do not follow the current fashion which is not fit you at the moment.

6. You should give your feet a break after an hour's walk in high heel shoes. Sit down every twenty minutes and do not take off your shoes off, this will only make the pain worsen.

7. You should practice every day. For example, you can wear your shoes around the house a few hours every day before you wear them out. You should also add scuffs on the bottom so that they're less slippery.

8. Buying a quality pair of shoes for the first time. A good quality pair of high heel shoes is better for your feet, especially when you wear it for the first time, or it will be very bad for your feet for a long time.

Source by Susie Liu

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Federal Disability Retirement: Filing Within the 1-Year Timeframe

Federal and Postal Workers who are injured, or who develop a medical condition during their tenure as an employee of a Federal agency or the U.S. Postal Service, have many decisions to make. Making the proper decision is dependent upon accurate information; accurate information should be based upon a combination of experience, integrity, and foresight into the particular situation of the Federal or Postal worker contemplating which benefit will be best suited for the specific circumstances.

Information is plentiful, and in this modern era of the internet, there is often an informational overload. Volume of information is rarely the problem; rather, it is the sufficiency and relevance of the chosen information, to the extent it is useful and pertinent, which will determine whether such information is helpful and proven.

For the Federal and Postal employee, the impact of the medical condition upon one’s livelihood, ability to maintain a regular work schedule, and the necessity to entertain the idea of a cessation of one’s career, all together further compounds the problem in addition to suffering from the medical condition itself. Whether to file for Federal Worker’s Compensation benefits under the Federal Employees Compensation Act through the Department of Labor; or to file for Federal Disability Retirement benefits under the Federal Employees Retirement System or under the older system of Civil Service Retirement System; or perhaps to do it in sequential order, or concurrently; or not at all. This latter option is normally not a viable choice at all. However, in the midst of suffering from a medical condition, where supervisors are harassing workers who are not fully productive, and where adverse actions are threatened, the weight of the world and the seeming closure of all reasonable exits will often lead one to make irrational, unwise decisions.

Fortunately, under the laws governing Federal Disability Retirement, a person has a right to file for Federal Disability Retirement benefits up to one year from the date of separation from service. Thus, even for those Federal or Postal employees who unwisely – perhaps in the heat of the moment, or in a temporary spat of insanity because of the stress and pressure of dealing with one’s medical condition and its impact upon one’s ability to continue in the job – tenders a resignation which prompts a personnel action of separation from Federal Service, such a person will still have the opportunity to file for Federal Disability Retirement benefits for up to 12 months after the separation from service.

Is it more difficult to prove a Federal Disability Retirement case once a Federal or Postal worker has been separated from Federal Service? Fortunately, the level and burden of proving such a case remains consistent, so that a person who unwisely, and without much thought, jeopardizes one’s future by rashly saying, “I quit!” – will stand the same chance as those who continue to remain employed. So long as the Federal or Postal employee has a supportive doctor, who will create the necessary nexus between one’s medical condition and the inability to perform at least one, if not more, of the essential elements of one’s job; and, further, show that the medical condition will last for a minimum of twelve (12) months; and finally, that the medical condition which prevents the Federal or Postal employee from performing one or more of the essential elements of one’s job began to have such an impact prior to the separation from Federal Service; the chances of qualifying for Federal Disability Retirement benefits will be equal to those who did not engage in such on-the-spot decision-making of separating from Federal Service.

As for filing for Federal Worker’s Compensation benefits – one should consult an attorney who is knowledgeable about the laws impacting separation from Federal Service. Generally speaking, however, the purpose and underlying rationale for Federal Worker’s Compensation benefits is to allow for a period of compensation such that the Federal or Postal worker will be able to recuperate and have the rehabilitative time in order to return to full duty. Thus, Federal Worker’s Compensation is not meant to be used as a “retirement” tool, but rather as a means to allow for the injury to be healed, and then to continue working. That is why many people receive temporary total disability benefits under the Federal Employees Compensation Act, through the Department of Labor, for such time as is needed to recover.

By contrast, Federal Disability Retirement benefits are meant for precisely what the term implies – a retirement, based upon one’s medical condition, and therefore a separation from Federal Service once the U.S. Office of Personnel Management approves a Federal Disability Retirement application. Can a person who learns of a medical condition after he or she is separated from Federal Service, file for Federal Disability Retirement benefits or for Worker’s Compensation benefits, so long as it is still under the umbrella of one year? Again, for OWCP issues, you should consult an attorney who specializes in such matters – but as a practical matter, causality may be problematic if a person only “discovers” the medical issue after being separated from Federal Service. As for such a discovery and its impact upon a Federal Disability Retirement claim, there will obviously be some difficulties may also be encountered.

For, while causality is never a substantive legal issue to be concerned with when formulating and putting together a Federal Disability Retirement application, the question which is paramount in a Federal Disability Retirement case is one of the extent of the impact upon one’s duties in the Federal or Postal position one occupied while being a Federal or Postal employee. As a practical matter, if you quit, then discover afterwards that you have a medical condition after separation from Federal Service, how will you prove that the medical condition which you were never aware of prevented you from performing one or more of the essential elements of your former job? There are cases in which such proof has been effectively gathered – where unexplained cognitive dysfunctions, or profound and intractable fatigue, prevented one from performing multiple essential elements of one’s job, but where the identifying diagnosis could not be definitively asserted until after the separation from Federal Service occurred. Here again, so long as a supportive doctor is willing to render a medical opinion retrospectively, there is a good chance that one can qualify for Federal Disability Retirement benefits – after the fact.

Above all, the key is to file on time. The rule is: If you don’t file your Federal Disability Retirement application within 1 year of being separated from Federal Service, you don’t have the ability to make any arguments at all. If, on the other hand, you file in time, you always stand a fighting chance that your case will be reviewed fairly, thoroughly, and hopefully, with a successful outcome.

Source by Robert McGill

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My Touch 3G Android Phone Review

The My Touch 3G Android phone is finally going to be launched. Let me start the My Touch 3G Android phone review by giving you an introduction about the phone. This phone is known as the descendant of the T-Mobile G1. This handset comes in a slim and trendy look with a number of features and functions to suit everyone's needs. The display of the mobile is 3.5 "HGVA with a touch screen and an implicit keyboard. This T-Mobile appliance gives a smart, flat, and frivolous factor for all mobile phone users. of its fashionable look and trendy features you are going to have a hit among all your friends.

Let me include in this My Touch 3G Android phone review that this phone gives its users a chance to access to a special entourage wireless phone services by allowing to have personalized menus, icons and wallpapers. There are also various latest gadgets and applications available in the market and on the internet so that you can experience a whole new world of mobile phone experience. Lots of skins and themes are available and the phone comes in a range of colors to suit everyone's style. With the wireless connection facility and the link up of this mobile with the search engine giants like Google you can access all your important documents and files from anywhere in the world.

You can download movies, music and various applications for your mobile and store it in the memory card of your mobile phone. This mobile is available with one application known as Sherpa which is like a geodelic engine for the evaluation of your interest. In addition to all these wonderful features this phone also supports all the Google services and internet functions. This device comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera and a whole lot of video functions. The audio quality of the phone is also one of the best available in the market. You can easily take pictures and videos of your friends and family in parties and functions and share them with anyone instantly via mailing or MMS. You can also upload your images and videos into you tube and other sites through the wireless connection. I can conclude my My Touch 3G Android review by saying that this mobile is available in the market at a rate of $ 199.99 and comes with a two year warranty, so go ahead and try out this sensational touch screen phone.

Source by Ripa Bhagawati

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