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Maxpedition Review – Which Gearslinger Is Right For You?

I put together this Maxpedition review to help you decide on the right Maxpedition Gearslinger for your needs. There are seven total packs in the Gearslinger series all built with the best materials and craftsmanship in the industry. They range in size from a small tactical bag to a large full size pack that bridges the gap between a backpack and a Gearslinger.

All of the Gearslinger packs have a single chest strap instead of a double shoulder straps like a backpack. The advantage to having a single strap is that the bag can be accessed on the go by simply shifting the bag from your back to your chest. It is a fluid movement that you will learn to love. All of the Gearslinger packs except the Maxpedition Monsoon have the pockets designed to be easily accessed while the bag is positioned on your chest. You don’t have to dismount the pack like a normal backpack to easily get to its contents

Maxpedition Review – Remora

The Maxpedition Remora is the smallest of the Gearslinger series. Its a great tactical CCW bag that can conceal a full sized pistol and can fit some of your other necessary gear. The front compartment is about big enough for you to keep a multi tool, extra clips, cell phone small notebook etc. The main compartment can hold your normal everyday small items. I usually keep phone charger, glasses case, para cord, sunglasses etc in that compartment. On the very back of the bag is a CCW pocket that is padded inside and out. Great small bag for daily use, or even as a small day pack for hiking

Maxpedition Review – Lunada

The Maxpedition Lunada is a step up in size from the Remora but is still considered a small EDC bag. Some of the great added features are a cell phone pocket on the sling strap, more MOLE connections, and more pockets. You can fit quite a bit more stuff in this in this bag, it is big enough for a net book or an ipad. This is also a good pack for overnight use.

Maxpedition Review – Sitka

The Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger is one of my favorite packs, It is a step up from the Lunada with all of the great features of the Gearslinger series. The plus is that it is big enough to use as a regular backpack. You can pack a lot of gear in this bag! The Sitka Gearslinger has 3 main pockets and an additional pocket that fits a hydration bag or a concealed weapon. This bag is not quite big enough to fit a normal laptop but at 8 wide it fits any net book or ipad with ease. The added water bottle holder has enough room for a 32 oz Nalgene bottle, which is an added bonus.

Maxpedition Review – Mosoon

The Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger bridges the gap between a regular full sized backpack and a gearslinger. It has over 1600cu inches of internal pocket space and makes a great bug out bag or large EDC pack. The Monsoon is large enough to fix a full laptop and great or hiking. There is enough room in this bag for all of the necessities including a couple days worth of clothes, including shoes. This is a great pack if you want the size of a full backpack and the convenience of a single chest strap.

Source by Dave Slovenec

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My Recent Experience With a Flushing Porta Potty

I have been camping for many years, and have recently discovered the flushing porta potty to make out camping experiences much more pleasant. Portable toilets have been around for a long time, but the new breed of portable toilets have really come of age, and the design, functionality, and most of all, price, have all improved greatly in recent times.

I am a big fan of heading out on the weekend, driving to a location we’ve never been to, and setting up camp. The problem is that the kids are getting to the age that they are not happy just squatting behind a tree to do their business, and it was beginning to get a little tiring having to listen to the arguments.

I went online and bought a Thetford 265 porta potti for around $130 USD. It arrived in a couple of days and I was amazed at how big it was. Portable yes, but this toilet sits around 16 inches high, and is the same sort of height as a normal toilet. I was worried about having to sit right close to the ground but this is not the case.

One thing I do think is essential when considering models is the capacity of the holding tank. There are a number of models with smaller holding tanks this means you have to empty them often. I prefer the 5.5 gallon tank that means they only need to be emptied once in every 20 to 30 uses. This is not too bad, and makes the job a lot more bearable.

Many portable toilets are fitted with a simple hose connector attachment that allows you to connect up to the hose on your RV or caravan water tank, or to the hose at the disposal area in the camp site that you are staying on. Most camp grounds have this area well set up to make cleaning a lot simpler.

Ideally, it makes sense to buy a simple camping toilet tent to use with your portable potty. This gives you total privacy and allows you to do all the necessary clothing adjustments with a degree of privacy. Much nicer than having everyone watching you. For the best toilets, the online stores offer some of the best deals, with as much as 40% off some of their product lines. You can usually get a great deal with free shipping too. A win win situation for your camping trip.

Source by Orlando Rodrieguez

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Does Travel Insurance Cover Fear of Flying?

Fear of Flying has been a problem for many people since passenger flights began. It is a fear or phobia, the same as many people may fear spiders, public speaking, or heights. Fear of flying has probably increased dramatically in the past decade – especially since 9/11. It’s understandable. How many people happily boarded planes after that terrible event? After all, when you think about it, flying is not a very natural thing for humans to do – we weren’t born with wings!

In today’s tight security climate we hardly ever get to see the pilots or cockpit crews who have our lives in their hands. It might be helpful to remember that they are human beings too – with lives and families of their own – and they fully intend to return home to them! Gone are the days when you might be lucky enough to obtain the captain’s permission to visit the cockpit on a long-haul flight. The pilots are locked in behind a bullet proof door and the entire process of flight is a mystery for many passengers! It’s a real shame.

Fear of flying is an annoying and often debilitating problem for those afflicted but, not only that, it can also cause disruption to holiday plans, affect career paths, and cause financial losses. Those who are required to fly frequently on business could find themselves held back in their career or even out of a job because of their fear of flying.

Most people, if they were honest, would admit to feeling some jitters or nerves before take off or landing, or when experiencing turbulence. Some have a stronger reaction, perhaps exacerbated by an existing anxiety condition.

It’s no secret that many people make out their will before flying! We all know about the statistics that you are much more likely to be involved in a car accident than a plane crash, but for many this is little consolation.

It is normal for a lot of people to feel the urge to cancel their flights or holidays if there has been a recent problem with hijacking, terrorism, or a plane crash. Fear of flying is a valid condition which is recognized medically. The anxiety can be so bad that it can cause physical reactions such as panic attacks, sweating, trembling, palpitations, dizziness, intestinal problems, clammy hands and nausea. Blocked ears during descent can be a problem – especially for children – but there are simple techniques to alleviate this pain which can be learned; chewing gum can help.

Most people will know of someone who is afraid of flying. They may be unable to go on holiday abroad because of it, although for many people their desire for a holiday in the sun may eventually outweigh their fear! It is often a form of claustrophobia, combined with a lack of understanding of how an aircraft operates and stays in the air. Young mothers are one group who tend to be more susceptible because of their protective instincts towards their children.

If someone you know is afflicted, you could make a difference in their life by encouraging them to seek help. There are several independent companies, as well as major airlines, which offer courses to help people overcome their fear of flying. Virgin Atlantic offers a Flying without Fear programme. British Airways/Aviatours offers a one-day course. The course instructors include trained pilots and psychologists.

During the courses the various stages of flight and the noises associated with them are simulated. For example, the sound of aircraft engines powering up or down can cause fear that something is wrong or the plane is going to crash. The loud whirring and clunking noises of the wheels (landing gear) being lowered and locked into place can be very frightening for those who don’t understand what is happening. The courses may include relaxation techniques and end with an actual short flight where everything is explained as it occurs. Once a passenger has a basic understanding of the way an aircraft works the fears are usually greatly diminished. Other self-help methods are available such as books, DVDs, CDs and computer courses. Online support forums may be helpful for those who wish to share their thoughts and fears with other sufferers or hear from those who have found successful ways to cope.

Natural approaches, such as relaxation techniques and hypnosis can be very helpful. It’s worth checking if your GP would be willing to prescribe something to help you stay calm during a flight. It’s never a good idea to resort to drinking alcohol or taking sleeping tablets. Alcohol combined with the dehydrating effects of flying can make you feel even worse, and who wants to start their holiday in a groggy haze after taking sleeping pills!

Unfortunately, the bottom line is that travel insurance does not provide compensation for cancelled flights due to a fear of flying. The cancellation would be deemed ‘self-inflicted’ and you would find yourself personally liable for any financial losses. Therefore, if you want to be able to join your family and friends for holidays in the sun, it is never too late to obtain help for your fear of flying. One of the methods outlined in this article may hold the key to overcoming the fears and unlock many years of flying and happy holidays abroad!

Source by Jean Andrews

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The Women’s Federation Grove – A Hidden Gem In the Redwoods

The Women’s Federation Grove, referred to as the Women’s Grove by the locals living in the area, was founded in the early 1930’s by the members of the California Federation of Women’s Clubs. Located on the banks of the South Fork of the Eel River, it literally is in the center of the Redwood Empire. It is less than a mile south of the world-famous Founder’s Tree on old Highway 101, which is now called the Avenue of the Giants, and about six miles north of the quaint town of Myers Flat, where the author lived as a child.

The entrance to the park is on a sharp turn in the highway and is easy to miss. Traveling south on the Avenue of the Giants, the entrance to the grove is about a mile south of the Founder’s Tree. It will be the first turnoff to the right after you pass under the main highway. The road to the Woman’s grove, which is about 1/8th mile long, is extremely narrow and not ideally suited to big rigs. If you have a large recreational vehicle, it might be wise to send someone ahead to make sure the one lane road is clear before entering the grove.

Once there, you will find that the Women’s Grove is one of the most beautiful spots on the face of the earth, it is hard to describe the tranquillity of the place.

Besides its magnificent redwood trees, the grove has two main features. The grove’s picnic tables have been fashioned from giant 30 to 40 feet long redwood logs. These solid wood tables are unique to the Women’s Grove and you will not find anything like them anywhere else in Humboldt County.

The second feature is even more unique. In 1933 the world-famous bay area architect Julia Morgan, of Hearst Castle fame, designed a covered four-sided outdoor fireplace for the grove. This magnificent structure survives today much the same as it was when it was first constructed, although its redwood plank roof has been replaced several times over the last 80 years. The fireplaces are still functional but to use in one of them you will have to bring your own wood, since wood collecting in not allowed in the grove.

In the past, when the state of California could afford it, a summer walking bridge was put in each year to allow visitors to cross the Eel and visit the Rockefeller Redwood Forest which lies just across the river. Now days you will have to wade the river to do so. Unless you are extremely fit, and adventurous, it is probably best to drive the short distance to the Rockefeller grove of redwood trees if you wish to visit them.

A short trail on the north side of the grove leads to a nice swimming hole on the Eel River. The desirability of this swimming spot varies from year to year depending on factors such as rainfall. As a general rule, The Eel is a good river to swim in during the early months of the summer, in late summer and fall it is less suitable for swimming because of moss, especially in dry years.

The Woman’s grove is a very special place! You are not going to want to just drive in, look around for a few minutes, and drive off to see another grove of redwoods. No, there are two great picnic areas in Northern California, this is one of them! So, come prepared to spend the day. Bring a picnic basket and a bottle or two of fine wine and plan to spend the day, the evening too if the weather is warm.

If possible, plan to visit on a week day. Few tourists know about the Women’s Grove, but the locals do; thus, the grove will be more crowded on weekends when people from Eureka and Fortuna come to the grove to escape the foggy summers in Northern Humboldt County.

PS, I’m going to tell you about Northern California’s the second great picnic area in an upcoming article. See you then!

Source by Dan Merrill

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Military Travel – Useful TDY Travel Tips

If you have orders to travel TDY (temporary duty yonder), you have a choice to make it a smooth experience or a difficult time. From the moment you get to the airport, to the speed at which you are reimbursed for your out-of-pocket expenses after you return, a handful of tips can easily tip the scales in your direction. Why not avoid a bunch of frustration? Consider applying all the tips below, and you will enjoy your TDY. You’ll become a travel specialist fast!

Tips and Information

A. Make one number out of multiple similar expenses by adding accurately.

Look at all the different taxes on a hotel room receipt. Add them up, and make that number: “Hotel tax,” for example. Make it easy for the person reviewing your voucher to pay you.

B. Do everyone’s job to make a smooth road for you.

Don’t wait for DTS to contact you. After submitting, check on the progress of your voucher and take care of any problems fast. Be a “Nice squeaky wheel.” You can call anybody repeatedly about anything as long as you are nice. You’ll catch more bees with honey than with vinegar, and you’ll get a reputation for being a military travel professional.

C. Join every travel club and get every travel advantage card.

Current rules let service members keep miles and points. You don’t determine how you’ll travel; the government does. Because you’ll have so many cards, get something to carry all those cards in an organized fashion. If you start out organized, you’ll find the points and miles add up. You’ll enjoy that free flight or vacation down the road because you started out organized.

D. Keep your stuff neat in your hotel room.

It’s easier to see if someone has gone through it while you were gone. It is also easier to “drag bag” when you’re leaving a room because you are less likely to leave something behind. Military travel professionals don’t find themselves frantically calling the hotel from the airport to see if the maid found a watch in the room!

E. Don’t let your voucher sit there for five days on your return.

Complete your TDY by filing your voucher as soon as you get back. You’ll appreciate getting your money back sooner rather than later.

F. Scan your receipts.

If you fax them they may not be readable. Check all your expenses twice. Do everything you can to make it clear and easy to process your voucher. Your professional processing of your voucher will be appreciated.

Before you leave for the airport on TDY:

1. Make sure that your orders are finalized.

You will also need a vocal order (VOCO). Take off without it and you may not get your money back for some expenses. Yes, you are serving your country but that shouldn’t mean taking money out of your pocket to do it.

2. Make a TDY envelope for every trip.

Maintain an envelope with related Operations Order (OPORD). This envelope should also be home to your itinerary, orders, and receipts. Your life will be so much simpler if you keep all the papers from one trip in one envelope.

3. Does your travel card function?

Just before your travel date, buy some gum or a drink at a store and use it. Why be embarrassed on your trip? Make sure it works before you leave on military travel.

4. Pack early.

Look over your OPORD. Do you have everything? If you’re going to a school, check on the net to see if you can get the packing list for that school. It is possible that you won’t be able to get what you need where you are going – be prepared.

5. Print your boarding pass in advance.

This just saves you from one less potential problem. Why not put it in your pocket before you get to the airport? Be a prepared military traveller and perhaps wear something military like military rings to indicate your rank or profession.

6. Get to the airport two hours early, period.

Just carry something to read if you have extra time. The security process and the potential for problems with security means you’ll want the time to keep your sanity should anything go wrong.

Build travel habits early which will serve you well throughout your career. You will enjoy TDY if you do. You’ll live with less stress and more rest. Make the above tips into habits, and you will be a military travel professional. Have a great trip!

Source by Daniel Gilligan

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5 Cool Things You Can Do In Garner State Park This Winter

Once the heat from a brutal Texas summer is blown away by the first arctic fronts, the vacation options begin to change dramatically. As the seasons change, so does the weather and locations that are best to visit. However, one place stays just as charming and beautiful as it always is. With an abundance of wild life, natural beauty, and fortunately for adventurers-less crowds of people, Garner State Park is the perfect winter getaway location. Here are 5 cool things you can do there this winter.

1. Stay inside

Renting a cozy cabin in the winter isn’t always about simply having a place to sleep at night after a day’s worth of adventuring. The cabin itself can be used to relax, unwind, and spend time with family and friends. Sometimes during an exceptionally cold day it is best to stay in and relax with a fire watching a good movie or reading a riveting book. Garner state park has single family cabins and larger group or family cabin rentals available.

2. Hiking

Even during the winter time, Texas is still beautiful. The cooler temperatures are perfect for spending a day on the trails exploring. At this state park, there is an abundance of trails to explore and differing wildlife to view during the wintertime. Those with more experience can choose hiking trails that offer more challenging and steep inclines. Frio Canyon trail is 2.8 miles and there are also shorter trails like Blinn River trail that follow the river and are only.5 miles.

3. Canoeing

Even during the winter, the Frio river is available for a fun canoeing trip. Colder temperatures lend themselves to some safety precautions, but during regular cool Texas winter days, the extra peace and quiet of the season is perfect for a canoeing adventure. Pack a picnic lunch and launch into the river at one of many locations. Kayak and Canoe rentals are available from many different vendors, or bring your own!

4. Relax

Winter time is the quieter time for renting a cabin and/or camping. There are less families and the park overall is less crowded. Enjoy some peace and quiet and relax outside by the fire. Barbeque, tell stories, and make up some smores. As long as you plan ahead for severe weather, the cooler temperatures will be refreshing.

5. Camp outside

Unless a cold front is rolling through or there is a strong chance of sleet, ice, or snow, camping is an option year round at the park. Plan ahead of time and make sure to bring electric blankets, wood for a fire, and any other necessities to stay warm in the dead of night.

Even during the winter, there are plenty of things to do at this Texas state park. Bring your gear and a sense of adventure and escape.

Source by Christopher Rivera

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Labour Day Thoughts

My mother had limited options when it came to choosing a career. She could be a nurse, a nun or a teacher. She wasn’t Catholic and didn’t think she could handle the duties in nursing. The requirement at the time as preparation for holding a teaching position was to complete a one-year “Normal School” program which she did.

Mom taught in small Saskatchewan towns but when my maternal grandmother had both breasts and part of her throat removed because of cancer, she went before the school board to make a proposal. Family was a priority for her. She told her employer that she needed resign in order to nurse her mother but hoped that her younger sister would be hired in her place. They agreed.

Things have changed a lot over the years! Mom married and I still laugh about the fact that I was “expelled” from school before I was born. You see, it was not considered “proper” for young children to have a pregnant teacher at the front of the classroom so mom had to resign from her job because she was expecting me.

When my sister was born, mom was a full-time parent for a while but returned to teaching in order to improve our families’ financial situation. The baby boom era changed thinking about the need for two incomes in a household instead of just one.

Teaching in a rural school meant that mom had sole responsibility for five rows of children, each at a different grade level. Many of the children rode horses or walked to class. When the weather was bad and roads were impassable, a farmer would drive her on his tractor to the schoolhouse.

Then, in the 1960s the Saskatchewan government changed their credentialing policy. Each teacher had a deadline to complete an additional five courses in order to hold a “Standard A” certificate or they would not be allowed to continue teaching.

I was in grade eight and saw first-hand how difficult this was for mom. She had to invest her time, money and effort in order to drive to and attend classes, complete assignments and write exams. There were nights when we were supposed to be relaxing at the cabin over the summer but she was reading textbooks by the light from a coal-oil lamp. She didn’t have any natural musical ability so I tried to teach her how to play the flutaphone! She got 51% in the class and I was so proud of her!

When dad died, mom continued teaching and it was a life-saver for her as she was able to both give and receive in the school setting! She carried on and retired with thirty-five years of seniority. My heart is still warmed every time I meet adults who tell me that she was their favourite teacher.

In those days, people usually had one job that they retired from after three decades at which time they were given a gold watch. The trend today is for individuals to make about six changes in their employment. Some work in casual or temporary positions while others are full-time. There are many who start businesses or sign contracts for their services. All of us labour in our personal lives for our family and for our own well-being.

This weekend we have an extra day off to celebrate Labour Day! What a good time to reflect on the way that our careers have evolved and taken shape.

What career choices did you have? Which did you choose? Who influenced or mentored you? What things were difficult? How have you grown as a person? Did your family sacrifice and/or benefit from your career?

Can you view your employment history with gratitude? If not, what are you planning to do about it?

Have a peaceful and reflective Labour Day!

Source by Linda Hancock

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Book Flights From Varanasi to Bangkok for Pleasure or Work

Flights from Varanasi to Bangkok cater to the needs of the travelers who wish to connect from the spiritual capital of India, Varanasi to the national capital of Thailand, Bangkok. Varanasi is located on the banks of the River Ganges in Uttar Pradesh located at a distance of around 320 KM from the state capital Lucknow. Considered to be the holiest of the seven sacred cities in Hinduism and Jainism, it is continuously flocked by travelers both from domestic and international terrains. Home to regional headquarters of several multinational giants, Bangkok attracts people from all across the world to seek investment opportunities and other business related opportunities.

India and Bangkok are both important tourist destinations. In order to connect the two, there are regular flights that cater to the specific requirements of the business and leisure oriented people alike. Flights from India to Bangkok are available in plenty and all major cities have several flights to the destination. Metropolitan cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, in particular have large number of aircraft and air carriers which cater to the diverse range of travelers on this route. Of you wish to catch a flight from the national capital New Delhi to Bangkok, you can do so effortlessly from the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Booking flights from Varanasi to Bangkok –

Varanasi is well connected with the rest of India through air, road and rail. If you wish to reach Bangkok, you would need to book a connecting flight from Varanasi to one of the major cities in India and then to Bangkok. There are many options available but the most popular one is Delhi. The tickets for Varanasi to Bangkok flights can be acquired from the local office of the selected airlines or via World Wide Web. Due to the ease involved in booking a ticket through the online method, most of the passengers prefer it over anything else. However, you can also check out the local travel agents for the same as they offer cheap deals in order to lead the competition in the market.

Both India and Bangkok are major destinations and therefore it is quite natural that scores of travelers catch flights from India to Bangkok each and every day. Shopping in Bangkok is world famous and those looking for electronic goods at cheaper rates can always find a good bargain here. Shoppers from India and other parts of the world visit this dream destination to buy several products for their personal or resale use. In fact, even the businessmen and corporate people come here to get the best bargains and eventually earn huge profits.

Source by Deepa Rawat

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Flying With Your Baby Stroller – 10 Easy Tips For Boarding a Plane With Your Stroller

For many parents the idea of traveling with an infant or toddler can be overwhelming to say the least. The amount of necessary items for the comfort and safety of a child must always be considered before you go. One of the most common dilemma’s when flying with a child is whether or not to bring along your baby stroller.

A baby stroller can be a big help on a trip that will entail a good deal of walking or transporting a young child. However, be sure to remember to check out whether or not your destination will be stroller-friendly along the way.

Here are 10 tips for flying with a baby stroller.

1. Make an educated decision about bringing a baby stroller. First check with your airline for their policies on bringing along a baby stroller. This may determine whether or not you will consider it a hassle or an asset for your trip.

2. Know the area you will be walking around. Consider the terrain, the width of the aisles and doorways as well as the amount of stairs you may be subject to climb. Pushing a stroller on a bumpy stone path or transporting it between subway rides may well be more difficult than simply carrying your child.

3. Before you even get to the airport be sure to properly label your stroller (on the handle bar or side bars) with a permanent marker or paper label. Write down your contact information, destination and flight information. You will be given a tag when you check your stroller but it is better to use BOTH to insure you get your stroller back once you have landed.

4. Have a Plan B for those times when you will need to leave your stroller outside or in the trunk. For babies that weigh no more than 20/30 lbs. keeping a baby carrier, sling or backpack is a good second option. For older children who can walk themselves, consider a harness to keep them tied to you in crowds and strange places. If you do not like the idea of a harness for your child just be sure to start explaining to them a little each day about the importance of staying next to you or other caregivers when you are in a different place. They should understand who it is safe to talk to and give them something that has your contact information to wear when you are out in public.

O.K. Now you are ready to head to the airport!

5. It will be easiest to employ your stroller throughout the airport and just check it at the gate of the plane. Most airlines will let you stroll right on up to the gate of the plane before having to check it in.

6. If you would like to count your stroller with your luggage at check-in be sure to find out if you will be charged an extra fee. Some airlines do not count a baby stroller as a part of the luggage you are allowed to bring on and may have a rate that you do not want to pay.

7. If you are loading at the gate you will be asked to remove your child yourself and fold the stroller down to be stored. (It is nice to have a helping hand available to hold your child(ren) during this part.) Bringing duct tape is a good idea if your stroller isn’t compact enough to store in the overhead compartment on the plane. Simply tape the sides of the stroller shut tightly or wrap the stroller entirely around it’s center. This will help to keep it closed while it is being loaded and unloaded into the cargo area therefore minimizing possible damage.

8. Your stroller will then be tagged and given a corresponding receipt that you will need to hold on to, in order to retrieve your stroller once you land.

9. Be sure to confirm with the attendant at the gate check where you will pick up your stroller upon landing. Most airlines will return your stroller at the gate as you exit but it could be sent along with the other luggage to the baggage claim.

10. Upon your exit present your receipt to claim your stroller or head to the baggage claim to retrieve it there. Remember to take advantage of your stroller and load it down with whatever baggage you can to alleviate the strain on your arms and shoulders.

It is important to note that if you are bringing a light umbrella stroller that can be folded compactly enough to fit into your overhead carrier (find out the dimensions from the airline) you will not need to gate check your stroller. Simply fold it and carry it to your seat. There are certain things you may want to consider before choosing between your lightweight,.standard stroller and your heavier, fancier stroller. Here is a list of pro’s and con’s for both.

Basic Umbrella Stroller- Between 10-13 lbs.


  • Compact, easy to fold and store.
  • Lightweight and easier to carry if you have to.
  • Can likely be stored in overhead of airplane so there is less opportunity for damage during the flight.
  • Cheaper to replace should you have any damage.
  • Easier fit through standard doorways, aisles, sidewalks and stairs.


  • Not much storage to hold bags, or toys or anything acquired during an outing.
  • Not as easily maneuvered on rocky or difficult roads or terrain.

The BIG Stroller- The One With All the Fixin’s!


  • Good amount of storage for diaper bags, purses and shopping bags.
  • Usually has a canopy and plenty of accessories to entertain and protect from the sun or rain.
  • Much easier to maneuver due to the bigger wheels and design.
  • May be compatible with the car seat you are using or renting, therefore making a complete travel system.


  • Takes up more space in trunks on sidewalks or buses.
  • Heavier to carry.
  • Needs to be stored with luggage on plane.

Based on this list you should pick the stroller that you feel will serve you and your child the best. There is nothing like having a stroller to help out when it comes to toting your children. A stroller is the next most important item to the crib when it comes to having a baby.

Source by Brianne Lozier

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The Pros and Cons of Airline Travelling

There are already many modes of transportation in today’s highly modernized world. Aircrafts, ships, motorcycles, cars, trains, just name it and they are all readily available for your use. The development of this transportation vehicles began a long time ago and you can just imagine how creative and intelligent these inventors were for they were able to come up with a very useful invention.

As you all know, cars and other vehicles from the past are considered vintage and has a very high value. People especially the rich ones love to collect vintage cars because of their uniqueness, their exquisite design and because of the prestige that one gets when owning one.

Another fascinating creation that you can all see right now are the different aircraft. For sure, every individual dreamed of being able to fly and reach the skies. Inventors of airplanes and other aircraft must have had dreamt too of being able to fly that is why they have created a machine that will make their dreams come true.

Airplanes are one of the sought after modes of transportation by many individuals. Why? Because it has the capacity to travel and reach the desired destination in a fast pace. Professionals use airplanes as their means of transportation when they want they are in a hurry. Airline seats are limited that is why the need to book for a ticket weeks or days before the desired departure date is a must. This can be a hassle on an individual’s part if you really want to get to the destination fast and easy, then travelling by air is the right decision to make.

Travelling by air has advantages and disadvantages. It is important to know the different advantages and disadvantages of the goods and services that we purchase that way we will be able to carefully make a decision and in order for our money not to go to a waste.

One advantage of travelling by air is the convenience. The speed of travel makes it very convenient for many individuals who are in a rush. It can take you to other countries in a fast pace without exerting too much. The speed is just the same when you use an air taser to immobilize an attacker. Fast and very convenient. Booking for a flight is easily made through a phone call or through the help of the world wide web. Comfort is another advantage. Airline companies will ensure their passengers comfort especially when it comes to the seats, entertainment and the temperature that it would just feel like you are sitting in your own living room.

You are also assured of your safety as well. When you think about it, the incidents of plane accidents are less as compared to cars and trains. Another thing is that, pilots and other aviation crew and staff are not allowed to fly the plane when the weather is not good or when the plane needs to undergo maintenance check.

Among the disadvantages is that the tickets are expensive. That is why booking for a flight is important. You can purchase tickets easily through the online ticket shops. Buying tickets is just the same as when you buy a taser online. Your complete identification is required to make the transaction fast. Airline travelling is not also suitable for people having fear of flying. But the only way to overcome their fear is to expose themselves to the fear itself.

Airline companies and airports are already becoming strict as of this point. They are really doing their best to protect the passengers from any harm and danger. It is really up to the individual as to which mode of transportation he will avail just as long as he reaches to the desired destination safe and free from harm.

Source by Joseph Pressley

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